A Hot Dog, Sock Hands & More

Last night while Josh and I were catching up on The Biggest Loser {and eating cookies} Gage and Morgan came downstairs and decided they were hungry. They wanted marshmallow cereal and/or cookies but since it was close to bed time we told them they could have a hot dog instead of a bunch of sugar.

hot dog snack
They complained at first but when the option was, "A hot dog or nothing," they decided the hot dog was fine. :)

hot dog
I think Gage is trying to start a new fashion trend?

sock hands
Think it will catch on?

In semi-related news, let me share with you my new favorite snack:

Warm apple slices with cinnamon sugar. I'm not gonna lie, I like to snack... and I like to snack on sweet stuff. This is a good way to snack on something sweet and healthy! Just sprinkle cinnamon & sugar on the apple slices and heat them up for 30 seconds or so! Yum! So simple, but I never thought of it. Thanks, Jillian Michaels :)

In non-related news, Tuesday was Abby's 1st birthday and I didn't even know it! Her dad didn't tell me when I got there, so I didn't know until her mom got home.

Happy 1st Birthday, Abby!! :)

It's nasty rainy out today... I need more coffee. TGIF!