Fastest 4 mile race ever!

I almost didn't even feel like re-capping the Snowman Shuffle race we did on Saturday, but I suppose I will for the sake of remembering it. It was pretty un-eventful... I didn't even take any pictures! Luckily, Tom Moran was there again to take some...


Look how fast Josh is!

Me? Not so much. This time I actually saw the photographer so I did my best not look like an idiot like I did last time.

But look how slow I'm going!!! Stupid ice. I look like one of those mall-walkers who speed walk or something. Nothing against speed walkers or mall walkers or anything, but really. That's like barely a jog right there and that old lady's about to pass me up.

They got me again at the end and I guess I look like I'm going a little faster now....

Anyway, here's basically what went down:
  • the race course had to be re-routed due to the snow/ice. It went from a 4 mile course to a 3.6 mile course but somehow ended up only actually being 3.2 miles
  • we almost didn't get our bib numbers because our friends picked them up for us the day before and then we weren't sure where to meet them before the race {which would have meant we could still run but couldn't have crossed the finish line} but we got them right before it started.
  • Josh couldn't find his headband so he ran the race in 20 degree weather with nothing to keep his ears/head warm. He's hardcore.
  • there was ice everywhere - which slowed down my time significantly {I didn't feel like sacrificing my half marathon training at the risk of hurting myself on the ice for a 4 mile race... especially one with huge hills}
  • not only was there ice everywhere, I ran the race with a really sore calf muscle. I'm not sure if I actually pulled it or if it was just really sore, but it wasn't too fun. I almost didn't run at all because of it, but I'm glad I did.
  • Josh originally won his age group but then they re-posted the results and they said some guy who ran the course in 19 seconds beat him. Of course that was a typo and the guy actually ran it in 19 minutes...and Josh still came in 2nd which is still awesome!
All that being said, we all made it out alive and without any major injuries! :) The Polar Bear Grand Prix is now over, so we're just looking forward to the Triple Crown starting on March 6th... and then Derby!!!!! I can't believe it's getting so close!!!

Snowman Shuffle 4 Miler
February 13, 2010
Distance: 3.2 miles
Time: 34:27 / 10:46 pace