I love Mondays.
I know that's weird.
But I only have one class, then the rest of the day free, and I can go to the gym in the evenings.
{which means I don't have to get up at 4:45am to go}
Plus my favorite shows come on {24 and The Bachelor.}
Ugh, I know. Trashy reality TV like The Bachelor is strangely addicting.
And sometimes I get to go on lunch dates with my boyfriend.

Like today. We went to Applebees.

They have delicious lunches.
This was the 2nd time we've gone there and it's been delicious both times.

I also like Monday because it's designated Run Around The House With Kosmo Day!

running through the house

Well, not really. Sometimes we run around the house with him on other days, too.
He's fun to chase.
Josh was chasing him because it makes him smile, and I wanted a cute picture of me and the Kosmo smiling too {like the one in this post}.
me and kosmo :)

Awww. I love it when the Kosmo smiles... cutie!!