Snow Day

I had a snow day today!! No work and no class. I was pretty glad because I actually had a ton of stuff to get done, so I was able to be productive instead of just sitting around and drinking hot chocolate and watching movies all day. Although, that would have been nice.

Anyway, I was a bit skeptical that we'd actually get any snow. Around here they call for snow all the time but they're only right about 13% of the time. But this time they were right! This was the view from the front door yesterday morning:

visibility 0
It was like a winter wonderland out there!!!

Once it ended we had about 4 inches or so, I think.

back porch
I thought it was so pretty!

Of course, I had to take the Kosmo outside to play in it...
where's the kosmo?kosmo in the snow

He only liked it for about 2 minutes, then he was more than ready to go back inside.
can we go inside now?

Hope everyone enjoyed their snow day and stayed warm!!!
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