the snow is pretty but i'm still ready for spring.

last night our friend ariel invited us to the last round of the comedy derby competition at the improv. it was fun, minus the fact that it got started almost an hour late and we almost got into a fight with an annoyingly loud couple at the table next to us. thankfully, they got kicked out and since the show started late it was late when we got out so we were able to see the pretty snow fall!

on the way home we stopped and got out and took a few pictures even though it was 11:30pm and we both had to get up early in the morning. had it not been wednesday it would have been a perfect night to walk around forever and take a million beautiful pictures.

snow covered boots
josh and me
bridge in the snow
bridge memorial
lights and ice

i always think the snow is so pretty... but i think i've had enough to hold me over until next winter... hopefully the warm weather will arrive promptly on monday with the 1st of march...
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