Valentine's Day Weekend {part 1}

It started yesterday...

While I was babysitting, my usual weekly flower delivery arrived. I noticed that the arrangement was bigger than normal and had a balloon attached, but I just figured they had sent me a few more flowers since it was Valentine's Day weekend.


But I was wrong. They were from Josh!!! :o) He finally got me flowers!


I think they're so pretty!!!

Plus I love the vase they came in. And the cute little note he sent with them. haha :)


And that's not even all. They also came with a chocolate bar {not pictured} and a balloon :)


The next order of business was my cake to Josh.


I made him a carrot cake because it's his favorite!!


He asked me if it was a giant donut. I guess it does slightly resemble the donuts he brought home from work.


I actually haven't eaten any of the cake yet, but I hear from good sources that it's delicious. :)

As another surprise, Josh brought home a lens for my camera that he borrowed from his boss. We've been looking at it for a little while, so this was a good way to test it out before spending a bunch of money on it! The only problem is now I don't want to give it back!!!

I love it! It's more versatile than my other lens {50mm} because it's not a "fixed" lens and therefore you can actually zoom the lens instead of having to move yourself physically when you want to zoom in on something to take a picture from far away. I still love my 50mm and I still think it's a great everyday lens in most circumstances, and especially for the price, but now that I've played with this one I think I'm in love!

I took a bunch of pictures of everything to test it out! Here are a few of them...


Including a picture of myself right before I went to get my hair cut. I tried to take a BEFORE picture, but you can't really see all of my hair. Oh well. I like that I can take pictures of myself with this lens though... not really possible with the 50mm {which is no fun when you're out somewhere and you always have to ask other people to take pictures of you.} :)

Josh took some AFTER pictures of me:


So far Valentine's Day weekend has been fun! Tonight we're going over to Eric & Katie's for dinner and tomorrow Josh is taking me to a surprise place.... can't wait to see where it is!!! :o)