weekend happenings

candy hearts

hello & happy monday.
there is so much going on!

to start off the weekend.. i got roses again this week :)


this time they were different colors.. i love them. for some reason fresh flowers make me happy. i told josh we can pretend that he got them for me. :)

i have started working on my 23 things list... i have started on #14 and #15. i got 100 pictures printed from scrapbookpictures.com. i really like them... good prices, great quality, & fast shipping! i have also started on a 2010 blurb book. i don't think it'll be done by my birthday {obviously since we'll only be a little over half way through 2010 at that point} but my goal is to at least be semi-up-to-date on it. it's pretty fun!

i was hoping to knock out #9 of my 23 things list this weekend. i was supposed to go up to bloomington to go dress shopping with my favoritest cousin but due to the snow, that didn't happen. i still got my dress though. it looks like this:

bridesmaid dress

of course, they had the size above and below me in the store, but mine had to be ordered. i tried really hard to squeeze into the smaller size or pretend the bigger size wasn't going to fall off of me, but it didn't work out. i'm super excited for cousin's wedding in april!!

since i didn't go out of town, i got to go on a sushi date with josh on friday! we went to tomo and ate at the hibachi grill, which was fun.. i haven't done that in a long time! we also discovered a hole in the basement ceiling...

hole in the ceiling
ok, the original hole wasn't quite that big... but part of the ceiling was falling down and leaking water, so josh had to cut it out to see where it was coming from. coincidently, it happened on friday after it had been raining all day, but it had nothing to do with the rain. he finally figured out that it was coming from the upstairs shower drain.

hole in the ceiling36/365
"this is going to cost me WHAT?!"

just kidding, it was actually a pretty easy fix. well, i say that and i'm not the one who fixed it. but it just took a trip to lowe's and he didn't have to take out the whole shower or anything so it seemed pretty easy right? anyway, got it fixed and now the guest bathroom upstairs is leaking too!

on saturday we both did our long runs. mine was 9 miles and josh's was 18 miles. i did mine at the gym because i'm not as hardcore as he is and can run outside in the snow. maybe one day.

when he came back he announced that he's now part of the bats racing team!! so proud.. my little josh is so fast. go josh!

speaking of josh.... what? did i mention him on this blog? i never do that.
he made me an omelet for breakfast on sunday. it was delicious. he's a pretty good cook. he made them out of egg beaters so it's supposed to be healthy? i think? anyway, it tasted the same as regular eggs so i guess that's good...

we went to a superbowl party sunday night. i ate wayyy too much food. blahh.. too many cookies and brownies and chips and queso. i felt horrible afterwards. i always do when i eat junk like that, so i don't know why i do it. but i guess it tasted good at the time. i was kinda bummed that the colts lost... even though i'm probably the only person in the country who doesn't really care about football, but it was pretty cool that they were there.

anyway. time for school. better go.

have a good monday!