Crescent Chicken

Woo hoo! Crossing things off left and right from my 23 things list. Well, sort of. Here's another one down... #8 try new recipes for dinner.

This recipe for crescent chicken {that's what I call it anyway} is super easy to make, and I guess it was pretty good considering there were no left overs. I can't judge just by the fact that Josh ate it though, because he'll pretty much eat anything unless the main ingredient is cow manure. I enjoyed it though!

Here's how you make it...

You need about 2 cups of chopped up chicken.

chopped chicken

Put the chicken in a mixing bowl and add a cup of shredded cheese.

chicken and cheese

Next, take a can of crescent rolls and open each triangle.

crescent rolls

Add the chicken and cheese mixture to the crescent triangles.

chicken, cheese, crescent

Then wrap 'em up.


Next, take a can of cream of chicken soup and mix it with 1 cup of milk with a whisk.


Pour over the chicken/dough rolls.

crescent chicken

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes {until dough is done.}

If you have kids, want left overs, or eat a lot, I would suggest maybe doubling the recipe. Josh and I ate the entire thing by ourselves in one setting...

I have another recipe for stuffed shells that looks delicious! I'll post it as soon as I make it!

Happy Friday!