Minty little green miracle.


Today on twitter, Runners' World mentioned a Shamrock Shake, so I knew I had to find one. I wasn't sure what it was, but it sounded fun. I mean, I knew it was a milkshake of sorts but I wasn't sure what it tasted like, especially if it tasted like shamrocks. Plus, I'm always down for a good milkshake and I figured if Runners' World recommended it, it couldn't be that bad for you, right? No? Well that's what I told myself. I mean really, if Fatties of America recommended it that would be a different story. But Runners World is all things running, so I must do as they say in order to be a good runner. Or something.

Anywho, hope everyone's wearing green!!!! I love this holiday! Mostly because green would be my favorite color if I had one.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! ♣

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality.. taken on the BlackBerry.