Leg 2 of the Triple Crown... 1 to go!


Yesterday I ran my first 10k race which just so happened to be on the first day of spring! It actually ended up being a day full of firsts!

Race morning started off like any other race morning: too freakin' early. I woke up at 5:45am and ate breakfast {half of an english muffin with cinnamon butter on it... because I'm still not entirely sure what I'm supposed to eat for breakfast on race days}. Apparently that wasn't enough though because I was starving by the time we got there. I packed some Sports Beans and was planning on eating them either right before the race or during the race in order to try them out, but I never got around to it. So I'm still not sure if I like Sports Beans. Oh well.

me & erica

I met up with Erica before the race so we could run together! This was the first race that I've ever actually run with someone. Or rather, tried to run with someone.. but more on that later.

We warmed up a little bit and then got in line to start. My mom wished me good luck but Josh had wandered off so I didn't even get to see him again until the end. Finally the gun went off and off we went. I think it only took a minute or so for us to cross the start line... not bad considering there were over 8,000 people running.

Mile 1 {10:22}
We started off doing 9 minute miles, but we didn't want to start off too fast and burn out later so we tried to stay between a 10:00 and 10:30 pace. According to Gertie we were going 7:45 at some point. Oops.

Mile 2 {10:35}
Even though Josh originally told me the course was flat, there was actually a hill in mile 2. It wasn't huge and nothing like the ones in Cherokee Park but we all know how I feel about hills.

Mile 3 {10:37}
Sometime in this mile I started getting a pain in my chest. It wasn't side stitch, it was different than that. It was at the top of my ribs and it just kept getting worse and worse and radiated pain in my back. I'm sure I was running like Quasimoto and people around me were wondering if I was having a conniption fit or something. I've never felt anything like it before. I was hoping I could just run it out like I normally do when things bother me. I ran with it for close to a mile trying to change the way I was breathing, applying pressure to it, etc etc.. anything to try to make it better but it was just getting worse. Finally I realized I still had over 2.5 miles to go and there was no way I could run like that for that long. I told Erica to go ahead and I'd try to catch up.

Mile 4 {11:08}
I stopped to walk so I could actually get a breath. I'm not sure how long I was walking. I'm sure it was less than it seemed but I was so disappointed in myself. I knew I could run the whole distance so having to stop was discouraging. I still had the pain in my chest but I put on my music and just decided to go for it. I really tried to make up the time in the next 2 miles. Also sometime during this mile, the race suffered its first casualty. I saw it coming and I kept telling myself, "Road kill up ahead! Don't look at it, don't look at it! DON'T LOOK AT IT!!" and then I looked at it. It was a bunny. Poor bunny. I wish I had not looked at it :(

Mile 5 {9:58}
Finally the pain in my chest subsided and I was feeling much better. I had a nice little pace going and I was hoping to still meet my goal {to finish between 1:02 and 1:06}. It was during this mile that I saw something else I'd never seen before: the first time I saw someone poop their pants during a race. I've heard of this happening {though usually at marathons, not at 10k's}, but I'd never seen it in person. Now, I know running makes your body do crazy things and maybe the poor girl couldn't help it, but they did have porta-potties set up along the course. And if she was slow enough to be anywhere near me then she obviously wasn't going to win the race anyway, so why not take a 2 minute potty break?

Mile 6 {10:09}
I don't really remember too much about anything that happened during this mile. I was trying not to look at my time because I didn't want to psych myself out if I wasn't going to make my goal. I just kept telling myself I only had a mile left... just one mile, I can totally do that. Even with my ribs still feeling like a toothpick was poking them {which was better than the knife from earlier} I can totally run another mile.

Final 0.29 {2:33}

nearing the end

At this point I was running an 8:45 pace, according to Gertie. My best was 6:50. I think I was just ready to get it over with and plus I was super thirsty. As I rounded the corner to the finish line, I heard someone yell for me. It was my friend Crystal, who obviously had already finished the race. I saw Josh there and I think maybe my mom? I gunned it to the finish line and later found out that the entire stretch after that turn was a small uphill. Apparently my super- sensitive hill spotting senses don't work quite as well when a huge FINISH LINE is staring at me. I didn't even know it was an uphill until we went back down it on the way to the car!

I finally crossed the finish line in 1:05:24 and immediately felt like vomiting. I hate that feeling right at the end of a race when you just abruptly stop but it feels like your insides are still going and are about to jump out of your body via your mouth. I was happy with my time, although I wished I had been closer to 1:02. But considering I stopped and walked I was expecting it to be a lot later than that, so I was happy with how much time I made up! And I still came in under 1:06, which I was very happy about.

I then proceeded to walk down the longest cool down walkway ever. It was gated on both sides so I couldn't get out of it. Walking, walking, walking. Just kept on walking. Luckily at the end I found Josh and my mom.

me & josh
my mom :)

Did I mention this was the first race I've run that Josh didn't also run? Poor Mr. B is fighting a sinus infection, shin splint, and bad ankle so he decided it would be best not to race. I agreed.

There were also delicious cinnamon bagels from Panera Bread at the end like there were at the Anthem 5k! I hope these little babies continue to show up at races because I love them!

delicious panera bagel
we love the bagels

Aaron loves them too! Apparently we were going for the pensive look with this picture... I didn't get the memo.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Rodes City Run 10k, minus the debilitating pain in my chest. I liked the course a lot though and am still proud of the time I finished in... and now I have a time to beat next time!! :o)

Next up: The Papa John's 10 Miler on April 3rd.. just one race stands between me and the mini now!!!

Rodes City Run 10k
March 20, 2010
Distance: 6.29 miles
Time: 1:05:24 / 10:23 pace