let me, let me upgrade ya!

I mentioned last week that Josh and I went on a fun little date and looked at cameras and lenses {don't judge us... that is fun for us!} Well, the new Canon Rebel T2i that we liked actually did end up coming out last Wednesday, so unfortunately for my precious little Rebel XS, it has already been upgraded after only 8 short months. I still have it, but I knew once Josh bought the T2i that it would only be a matter of time {about an hour} before I decided that my camera officially just didn't make the cut anymore. So now it will either be used as a back-up camera or I may sell it... actually, I probably will sell it, but I may buy another, slightly better camera to have as a back-up. We shall see.

So far, the T2i is awesome. It's got more focus points, it's faster, it has a super awesome LCD screen, and it even takes video! The option for video wasn't something either of us necessarily wanted, but I for one, think now that it's available you may be seeing a few more videos show up on this here blog! Like this one, taken when we I was trying to figure out how to use the video mode.

Obviously, your life is now complete since you've seen this video and I know you can't wait to see more. {also, Rhalf is Josh's mom's cat and that's how you spell his name so I like to pronounce it the way I did in the video... in case you were wondering what that noise was. I didn't sneeze.}

I also love the new lens.... I can now cross #11 off of my 23 things list! Woohoo! :o) from the right angle it makes your head look huge.. even Kosmo's tiny little pea head. Perhaps we should submit it to theDOG?


Ugh...see that white stuff on the ground? We got MORE SNOW this weekend. Clearly, it wasn't much but I am SoOoOoOoOo ready for spring!!! Today is March 1st... I was hoping the warmer weather would arrive with the new month, but so far no such luck! :(

Anywho, my poor little Joshie-poo was all sickly on Friday. He didn't even make it to work, so you know it was serious. Instead, he apparently laid around the house all day looking like this:

sick josh

At least that's what I'm told. By the time I was actually on my way over to save the day with chicken noodle soup, he called texted and changed his mind and wanted a peanut butter milkshake {where in the world do you get one of those anyway?!} By the time I finally figured out where to get a peanut butter milkshake, I arrived only to find out that they don't accept credit cards. Who carries cash on them these days?? Which worked out fine for Josh since by this point he'd now prefer a Frosty anyway, please and thank you. No problem, Wendy's is only all the way across town and it's only rush hour on a Friday night AND Wendy's is just across the street from the mall. No problem at all. :)

Phew. Good thing I think he's cute handsome... all that running around for a 99 cent Frosty would not happen for just anyone.

Don't worry though. He's all better now, thanks to the Frosty and my magical back rubs. On Saturday morning he even felt good enough to make omelets for brunch!

ima cut you
omelet boy
green peppers
omelet boy

We get really excited about our omelets around here.... don't judge.

Anyway, we're not sure what he had... but think it's probably from running outside in the cold snow. Which is A) one reason why SPRING NEEDS TO HURRY UP and 2) one reason why I guess I'm glad I've been training on the treadmill. However, I CAN'T TAKE IT MUCH LONGER!!! If I can't run outside soon, the treadmill may be the death of me: death by boredom.

Thankfully, Josh is all back to his normal self and went out and ran 16.5 miles in the cold today. And then was much too exhausted to do anything... he was even too exhausted to go sit at the movie theater and watch The Crazies, which we have been waiting to see since around October! Yes folks, running 16.5 miles in the cold a day after being sick will indeed make you too exhausted to go sit in a theater and watch a movie. True story.

kosmo winks

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Peace out homies! And enjoy a wink from the Kosmo! ;-)