procrastination wins!

lazy kosmo

this is what i feel like doing today.
but instead i have been researching biology for hours and hours.
i should be doing it right now, but i'm not.
i'm procrastinating.
{i'm very good at that}
i feel like i'm getting no where on the research front.
it probably wouldn't be so bad if i didn't feel like the class was pointless and i didn't have exams to study for in my classes that actually do matter.

oh well, such is life and it must be done.
only like, 4 more weeks of school though!
woohoo to that!!

speaking of 4 more weeks.
the next 4 weeks of my life are going to be crazy busy.
but crazy fun!
10 mile race this weekend.
in cousin's wedding the next.
thunder over louisville the next.
derby half marathon the next!!!!
and then school is done! woohoo to that!
i can.not.wait.

speaking of cousin's wedding.
my favoritest cousin is getting married on april 10th!
i have a goal on my 23 things list to spend a girl's day with her before she gets married.
we had it planned, but it got snowed out.
so, it doesn't look like that will be happening :(
hopefully after she gets married though!!
i picked up my bridesmaid dress for her wedding last night.
right after josh and i did 2 hours of spin class, i took a shower and then tried it on.

bridesmaid dress

it fits! :)
don't mind the towel on my head or my pink bra straps.
neither of those will be making an appearance at the wedding ;-)
i hope bra straps aren't offensive in bloggy world?
the dress comes with optional straps, so if you're offended just pretend they're the straps to the dress.
just a different color.

okay... enough procrastinating.
i am off to my next class.
and thus ends the most pointless blog post of the day.
you have now successfully wasted 5 minutes of your life reading it.
you're welcome.

kosmo's new ball

i think after class i'll play ball with kosmo.
instead of research biology. shhhh.

happy tuesday!
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