Scary Balloon Man


What does this look like to you? An innocent, deflated balloon?

Well then, you'd be WRONG.

Apparently, according to Kosmo, it's a scary balloon man.

scary balloon
He barks at it and keeps his eye on it as he walks by because you never know what it's going to do.

Then, when the balloon man moves {because it does... all by itself...} he barricades himself in the bathroom until the scary balloon man leaves.

kosmo scared
It's okay, Kosmo! It's just a balloon!! :)

This is not the first time we have dealt with a scary balloon man around here. After Gage's birthday, there was a scary birthday balloon man upstairs that may or may have scared Josh really bad one night when he was home alone. Be careful!! The balloon men are scary! The way Kosmo was barking at it yesterday made me actually think someone was in the house...

In other news, I had an awesome run today with a running group!! I'll write about it soon! :)