So, running group.

Yesterday I decided to throw myself out there and try something new. A running group.

That's me on the far right in blue shorts and a black jacket and a white hat ^^^^

Yesterday I went to a running group for the first time ever. When I woke up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning to go meet people I didn't even know to go run 10.5 miles, I thought Who in the world does this???? And then I knew the answer: runners. Runners are crazy like that.

Well, I guess it's not entirely true to say I didn't know anyone. I kind of knew Erica, we've been twitter & blog friends for a little while now, but we had never actually met. So it was cool to finally meet her (& find out she's not a serial killer ;-))

So yes, as previously reported, I woke up at 6:30, got dressed, started drinking Gatorade for the carbs & calories, ate a small breakfast, then double & triple checked to make sure I had everything: a rain jacket in case it rained. My iPod. My hat. Glide for the toesies. The 3G's: Garmin, Gloves, Gu. Sport beans. Water. Recovery drink. It's been awhile since I've really run outside {stupid long winter} and I've never run that kind of distance outside, so I've never had to be prepared to hydrate myself during a run before.

The course we ran went through the same park that the Polar Bear Grand Prix races were at... which if you remember has huge hills! My only hill experience is those 3 races, or in other words, not much. So the hills were pretty killer, especially when trying to talk {poor Erica.. she probably thought I was going to fall over and die at any moment} The hills were definitely my least favorite part of the run.... but I better get used to them considering the 10 mile race and the mini both have hills!!

I really liked the running group though. I was THRILLED to be OFF THE TREADMILL!! It's much more motivating to run with people. And to actually be running somewhere and not just in place. And running with someone new gives you lots to talk about which definitely makes the time go by faster.

Thanks for running with me, Erica!!! :)