some photography experiments :)

Even though I generally just take "every day" pictures to document life, it's fun to experiment with different photography techniques, which is what Josh likes to do. A few weeks ago we gave water drop photography another shot {you can see our first attempt here}.

Josh took the first 3:

water drop
water drop
water drop

His are definitely better than mine, but it was still fun to do!

water drop
water drop

We've also been working on speed photography with the Kosmo. I can't take credit for any of these pictures, Josh took them all. But I did stand at the end of the block and bribe Kosmo with a treat to make him run fast :)

kosmo runs

I love his face in the last picture!!

The last thing we experimented with is called light painting. I thought it was pretty neat!

2.5 joshes

These pictures aren't photoshopped! And yet there are multiple Joshes! He's been cloned!! We have some neat ideas for light painting pictures so hopefully we can try them out soon!