steak & ice cream cake


Yesterday the handsome Mr. B {that's what I call him nowadays} and I celebrated our 7th monthiversary! It would have been nice if I had brushed my hair for this photo. Oh well, the messy look is in anyway, right? Humor me and say yes. Okay, good.

Anyway, we were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and hit up the mall to try to take pictures in the photobooth again, but by the time we got done at the gym it was pretty late so we settled for the local Texas Roadhouse. Nom nom nom steak! Highlights of the dinner included: Josh eating almost half a jar of those peanuts they put on your table and I ordered my sweet potato "loaded" because I thought that meant I got the butter & cinnamon & brown sugar and whatever else is normally on a sweet potato. Little did I know it also came over-flowing with marshmallows AND a charge of an extra dollar.

ice cream cake
We also celebrated with ice cream cake {which is my most favorite kind of cake ever} compliments of the neighbor's weekend birthday party! Thanks, Brian!

Happy 7th Monthiversary, Josh!! :o) Here's a kissy face just for you:

7th monthiversary