a walk through the park & other weekend happenings.


Unfortunately, spring break is officially over in less than two hours. Even though we didn't go anywhere, it was nice not to have to worry about school, do school work, read school books, check school e-mail, or think about school at all in general. For a whole week. Bliss. And I'm not really looking forward to going back because I'll have to hit the ground running with a test in every class this week {one being a take-home exam which = harder than an in-class exam}, plus I have to start researching for a biology project. Blahhh. Do you know how much I've studied or researched? None. Remember? Nothing to do with school for a whole week and now BAM. This week should be fun. Oh well, I don't have to think about it for another 11 hours until I go back to my first class.

Anywho. The weekend was nice. On Friday Mr. B and I ventured over to Louisville.

bats stadium

Our first stop was the Bats Stadium. Some of our friends work over there and they're busy getting ready for opening day on April 14th! It was pretty cool to get to see the stadium from that point of view. I can't wait for baseball season and big Kizito cookies!!!! Fun side story: a Bats baseball game was mine and Josh's first "real" date. :)

Then we went on a walk to the Waterfront Park. On the way there we ran into none other than the official FINISH LINE FOR DERBY!!!!

finish line!

I had to take a picture with it, you know, just in case I don't make it there again... ;-)

negative thoughts be gone! I will TOTALLY make it there again!!

Then we took pictures with these birds:

framed head

kissy face

dancing with a bird

When your boyfriend is experimenting with his new camera, sometimes you stand around and scratch your head and say, "You want me to do what?!" while he snaps 50 photos to get all the settings right.

what am i supposed to do?


Then you find out he wants you to jump, which sometimes works out well, and sometimes leaves you looking like a wannabe grizzly bear or something.


RAWR. I iz gwizzly bare. ?

Moving on. On Saturday, I woke up o'dark thirty again and went to running group. This time my running buddy Erica was out of town so the 9 mile run was pretty dang boring. I tackled HH {hellacious hill} a few times though, with only minor soreness in my knee afterwards. Hooray! I can't believe the 10 miler is this weekend! I might have just had a small panic attack and doubted if I was really capable of all this running!!?! ZOMG.

After running group I went straight to the Y where Josh was a cute little race official for the Tri-at-the-Y.

race official

He had a flag and everything. AND they had my favorite post-race Panera bagels there, so I was pretty stoked! :)

Later in the day, Mr. B bought me a blender! He sure knows the way to my heart. ;-) I have been wanting one for awhile now because I love making smoothies and miss having the option to include them as a staple in my daily diet.


This was at around 9:30pm while we were making spaghetti for dinner. Then we stayed up til 3am watching Hoarders and doing photography experiments in the bathroom.

I'm going to let Mr. B edit them before I show the final products, but here are a couple previews:

siamese twins


Marge Simpson hair, anyone?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! :o)