Warm today, cold tomorrow.

Today the high temperature is a chilly 45 degrees and the forecast predicts cold rain. On Saturday the high was 68 and it was absolutely beautiful! Welcome to Southern Indiana's crazy, un-predictable weather. Hello, allergies.


Anyway, back to Saturday. I had fresh flowers on the table and the windows were open, a breeze was blowing in and you could hear the birds outside. It was wonderful and almost made cleaning the house for 3 hours fun. :) Just kidding, it actually was pretty fun because Josh and I cleaned it together and plus it's always nice to have things clean and organized.

Of course, we don't usually clean for 3 hours for no reason. We're not that ambitious {or clean} apparently. We were having friends over for dinner.


I think we should have friends over for dinner more often because we eat better food when we do. We had grilled turkey loin, grilled sweet potatoes, and green beans. Who wants to come over tomorrow night?? I love the smell of the grill and I hope the summer months mean more grilled dinners!

Eric & Katie brought over their miniature schnauzer, Jackson, who is twice the size of my little Tobey!!

jackson & kosmo

I had to take a picture of him next to Kosmo for comparison. Here's a picture of Tobey and Kosmo from November:

kosmo and tobey

Crazy how much bigger Jackson is!!! I think Katie said he weighs about 25 pounds, and Tobey is a measly 12.

The dogs played really well together... minus Bogey who was too fat lazy to come down the stairs and play!


Speaking of Bogey, we are dog-sitting him again. You may remember him or his coat from back in January.

Bogey finally made it down the stairs, but only after Josh carried him. He then just kind of stood there and wondered what he was supposed to do. Silly, fat, little Bogey.

Dinner was delicious {all thanks to Josh... except I slaved over the stove for those green beans!} and Katie shared some of her favorite wine with me, which I now can't remember the name of. It was good though! Happy Spring!

Good day, good food, good friends.
Life is good :)
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