Weekends are good, but not long enough.

I'm not even sure where to start this post! Lots has gone on since last week when I posted...
On Wednesday I got kicked out of class early because I'm awesome. Seriously.
Since I got out early, Josh took me on a dinner date to Buckhead's!
LOVE their cinnamon butter and rolls!!
Thursday I ran with my mom and we had Biggest Loser Taco Night {not to be confused with the regular Biggest Loser Pizza Night.}
And probably the most significant was the Anthem 5k, but I will dedicate an entire post to that soon.

anthem 5k

I will say this though... my mom did it and I'm so proud!!! :-D
Oh, and Josh and I both PR'd.
And two of my friends also did their first 5k.
Ok, more on that later.

Let's see... after the race, Josh ran another 16.5 miles. Because he's crazy. It's almost like he's training for a marathon or something. Geez ;) I, on the other hand, only ran about 5.5 after that. Geez I'm a slacker! {I really am though, I was supposed to do 7....}

post-run fuel

After that he had a nice post-run meal of leftover homemade tacos and Starbucks. And leftover sushi. And.... something else that I can't remember now. See, it's the small details like this that I forget and the reason I obviously need to blog more often.

Later that day we welcomed into the family a new lens: the 100mm f/2.8 Macro. This is one of the many reasons I think Josh is awesome... because he loves photography too, and I love that it's something we can learn about and experiment with together.

waterdrop set up

We just have to take pictures like this though {i.e. with a flashlight and a lamp from the bedroom} because we Josh hasn't decided to invest $1,000 in strobes yet. Seriously, flashes are expensive. Wait, are strobes and flashes the same thing? I thought we were talking about flashes at the camera store, but they kept calling them strobes. Anyway...they're necessary to take neat pictures. For some reason you need a crapload of light for cool pictures. We also have visions of doing speed photography which not only requires a crapload of light, but also requires a sound trigger. Or something. I'm not really sure, I leave the fine details up to Josh. He's the details guy, I'm just the assistant. But I know it creates really amazing pictures!!!

Anyway, this is one of the pictures Josh took with the set-up above:


Experimenting with water drop photography. It's pretty cool but harder than I thought it would be!!

The macro lens is also good for really close up pictures. Hence the term macro. Like this:

josh's face
Well, hello there, Josh!

mirror monkey

It's also great for subjects that are really far away. Okay, I guess I wouldn't say really far away, just across the house.

Morgan liked modeling for me.

She would even pose with me.

me and morgan

Oh, wow. Sorry about my hair in this picture.

Anyway, when I asked Gage if he wanted his picture taken he thought for a minute, then just said, "Nah." He then decided to make it a game and hide behind the kitchen island....until Unc came along and tickled him!!!

josh and gage
One more willing model...

Geez, that hair again. Someone needs a new brush {hint: me}...

I think he's finally getting used to me holding the camera out in front of us and saying, "SMILE!" Doesn't he look thrilled? He's such a good boyfriend :)

Ok, moving onto Sunday.
In the morning we went to a Home Expo.
It gave us all kinds of wonderful ideas for outdoor fireplaces, how to keep flies away, putting a sauna in the basement, how to eliminate moles, how to light up the deck, and how to have scantily-clad fairies in the backyard.

It also had a free photo booth. And since taking pictures in a photo booth is #22 on my 23 things list, clearly we had to do it.
But you know what happens in free photo booths, right?


{Sorry, I'm lazy and didn't feel like scanning it...}

They don't tell you when they are taking the picture!!!
{and also, they plaster their contact info all over it}
Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Take 1.

photo booth

Seriously, what kind of face is that?!
At least Josh looks handsome :)

Take 2.


We learned from Take 1 to SMILE.
Apparently we forgot by Take 3.

photo booth

There I go... just talking away!
It would really help if they had put a countdown or something in there.

photo booth

I finally got my act together for Take 4, but this time Josh was talking!

Oh well, I found a photo booth in a nearby mall, so even though Josh hates malls I'm going to try to convince him to take me there before my birthday to take some pictures! Luckily, there's a Cheesecake Factory right there so I think it sounds like a lovely little date... maybe for our 7th monthiversary which is coming up next Monday! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll be back soon with the Anthem 5k race report and some other photography experiments!