You know your boyfriend is a runner when...

• he thinks you are the epitome of sexy after a 5 mile run in the A-MA-ZING 70 degree weather. Sweaty hat-hair and all. If I look this sexy after a run in the 70 degree weather, I can't wait to see how sexy I'll be come summer. Oh my. Josh won't be able to keep his hands off me ;-)

post run sexiness
{my wonderful boyfriend recently dropped lots and lots of dollars on fancy camera equipment and here I am posting pictures from my BlackBerry again... what's wrong with this scenario? In my defense it would be a bit difficult to run 5 miles with a DSLR strapped around my neck...don't you think?}

• you show him your ugly, calloused toes with an ever-so-slight blood blister {your first one!} and he gives you a high five! This means you're a hardcore runner now apparently, and OH YEAH he likes that!

{Here's a super HQ photo of my nasty running feet. Perhaps I should have used the low-quality BlackBerry to photograph my feet and the nice detailed camera to photograph my sweaty dome. Okay, I guess neither one is model quality, but my sweaty face is probably the lesser of two evils, no?}

You can't even see my blood blister in this picture, how about a closer look? Yeah, I can't believe I'm posting pictures of my feet on here either. Fun side story: I used to be really self-conscious of my feet. But you know what? They look exactly like my daddy's and they carry me places I never ever thought I could go, so I'll show them off proudly these days..

blisters, baby!

I know they're not pretty... and you probably didn't come here to see pictures of my nasty feet... but yeah I'll admit it, I'm a tiny bit proud of that barely-visible ugly blood blister. I know, I know.. it looks more like dirt between my toenail, but I assure you it's not. I showered and I swear I always wash my feet. I know a lot of runners' toes turn black and sometimes their toenails even fall off but I guess I'm not THAT hardcore yet, just enough for a teeny tiny black spot on the side of my toe. But I'll wear it with pride, it's my tiny little badge of honor.

In other news, Gertie and I have been spending lots of time together outside lately. So far this week ALL of my runs have been outside!!! No more treadmill for me!!! At least until next week when it snows. Yes, snow. Welcome to the Ohio Valley. Hopefully they're wrong... we'll see.

Tomorrow I will tackle some previously un-chartered waters: a 10k race! The most I've ever "raced" is 5 miles {not that I am fast enough to actually race anything}. Don't worry, I've run almost twice as much as a 10k, but never in a race... we'll see how it goes!! I'm debating on testing out some of those Sports Beans, but I know you're not supposed to do anything different on race day, so maybe I'll just stick with some GU even though I've only used it once and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I guess I better figure all of this out in the next 1 month and 5 days. That's when the half marathon is, in case you're wondering. Not that I'm counting or anything....