movin' my hips like yeah...

yesterday marked the 3rd annual thunder fest!
thunder is actually much older than that, but it's the 3rd consecutive year for our little group.
i love it because my friends from tennessee come up!
i miss them during the year and even though i usually get to see them at least a couple times a year, i always know they're coming for thunder!


we had a few less people {+ a BOY!} in our group this year.
but i think this is now our core thunder group {minus my fellow j-villian kristen who missed it for the first time in her life!}
we're already planning next year's... only 363 more days to go!


since josh and i went to a photography class at murphy's camera in the afternoon that we thought got done at 4:00 my friends weren't planning to get here until around 4:30 or 5:00...
except they forgot to factor in the hour time difference and ended up getting here around 6:30... even though our class ended up getting out at 3:00.
so it was pretty much dark by the time we actually got down to the river!
on the plus side, we didn't have to wait as long for the fireworks, but on the other hand we didn't have as much time to hang out and do stuff!

we went to the same little beer garden that we stumbled upon last year.
it's actually a really good spot to watch the fireworks, as long as you don't sit next to the same group of crazy drunk people that we ended up next to.

the highlights of the evening included: goley finally getting her beer & hot dogs, josh dancing to miley cyrus {a la party in the usa}, and me forgetting my ID and having to make a 40 minute round-trip walk all the way back to the car to get it.
okay, so maybe that part was a lowlight.
so glad rindi walked with me and didn't let me get abducted by one of the crazies that come out at thunder!
not the first time i've done that, i really should learn my lesson...

Picnik collage
after a technical delay the fireworks started!!
...about 20 minutes late.
oh well, it gave us more time to hang out!


they say it gets better every year.
i still feel like it's kind of "if you've seen it once, you've seen it..."
but it is still a really awesome fireworks show.
for real.

then it was time for yet another 20 minute walk back to the car...

on the way back, goley acquired a new hat.


"excuse me sir, can i have your hat?"
i guess since the show was over he no longer had to sell them for an outrageous price.
she got it for free.


i love love love my tennessee friends.
i wish they could have stayed longer.
hopefully i can make a trip to tennessee in may for graduation!

rindi, goley, britt, carrie... so glad you guys came !
thanks for letting me steal your pictures!
i love you guys!!
can't for next year!

p.s. #13 = done! :)