The baby birds!

If you remember, I posted a few weeks ago about the little bird's nest with 4 tiny blue eggs in it that we found outside one of the upstairs windows. Well, I didn't really post about it but I did post a picture. Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone {besides my mom because she's weird like me} cares about the baby birds, but I just think it's fascinating! Here's the first picture again, this was on April 11th:


I loooove that it's up there and that we can see inside it! Normally you can't see inside it, you know when those silly birds build their nests in trees.

So anyway, I've been checking on them almost every day and finally on April 23rd two of them hatched!

baby birds - apr 23
baby birds - apr 23

The other two hatched the next day {or maybe later that night}.

They are already getting bigger and fuzzy! I took this picture yesterday:


I'm sure the momma bird hates me because I tend to scare her off when I'm looking at her babies.

My bad, I just think they're neat! Not neat enough to set up a video camera on them as my mom suggested... sorry, mom! :o)

Is it bad that I'll kind of miss watching them next week when we're out of town? Maybe we'll have to put my mom on bird-watching duty as well as Kosmo duty...
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