Baseball season is here!!!

I will start off this post totally off-topic by saying that I just burned {burnt?} my ear with my straightening iron and holy crap does that hurt! I just barely got it too but apparently that's all it takes! I can't imagine being severely burnt on any significant percentage of my body. Being barely burnt on my teeny tiny ear lobe is plenty.

I just had to get that out there because my ear is radiating hot pain as I type.

Anyway. Last night Josh and I went to the opening night at Bats Stadium. It is helpful to have friends who work there because they get us awesome seats and backstage parking. Thanks, Eric, Tom, & Drew!


I'm not a huge fan of sports and I think I probably only actually watched the game for a total of 37 non-consecutive seconds, but I love going to the games. I love the atmosphere, the people {especially the obnoxious man next to us who was constantly screaming, "LOOKIN' GOOOOOD, GOOD LOOKIN'!!! Keep 'em in the dirt! We like them dirty pitches!!!!" which sounded like... well, I'll let you figure out what it sounded like!} and, of course, the ginormous cookies!



The Kizito cookie lady is our favorite! You should have seen Josh's face when he spotted her! He was like a little kid who had just seen Santa!

Another perk to having friends who work there is that you may get to help them sweep the field at half time if they are under-staffed.


Tom explaining the job to Josh. Look how focused he is!


Eric, on the other hand, was not super focused, but I guess since he's wearing an official uniform he probably already knows what to do.

And off they go!!



So that was pretty exciting! Meanwhile, I hung out with Katie {Eric's wife}...


We discussed really important things like all the school work we should have been doing instead of being at the game and what she's going to do in Boston this weekend when Eric runs the Boston Marathon!!! I keep forgetting that's already coming up this weekend.

We then enjoyed the rest of our game with our $287 worth of stadium food. Not really, but that stuff is outrageously over-priced. Note to self: eat dinner before the game next time.


The Bats lost but we still had a great time!!!