a bunch of randoms

I'm in what's known as "crunch time" for the semester AKA the last few weeks of school. The weeks where all the professors get together and decide exactly how they can ruin the lives of their students by scheduling tests, projects, & presentations all at the same time so that said students' brains explode. Sounds fun, right? Only 3 more weeks.... three.more.weeks.

That being said, school is pretty much taking up all my time but we Josh still found some time to mow the yard. First mow of the season! So glad spring is finally here :) Or at least it was... it was only like 54 degrees today. Brr! What happened to the 80's?


He had to jump the mower though. I didn't even know that was possible.... but what do I know? About mowers? Nothing. But apparently they can be jumped.

jumping the mower
He and Brian {neighbor} also braved the trenches of the lake swamp behind their houses the other day to clear out some of the dead trees that were supposed to be cleared out by the neighborhood developers but never were. The other lakes in the neighborhood are so pretty, but apparently they have forgotten about this one.

Don't they look thrilled? And Josh looks pretty darn sexy in his waders don't you think?? haha ;-)



Clearly Brian was a big help!

Just kidding! He hauled off all the shrub after Josh cut it down. He didn't just stand there! :)

Luckily we didn't see any snakes or I would have been out of there!!!

In other news, I GOT TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND TODAY!!! For the first time all year!

One thing I love about us is that we can go for months without seeing each other, sometimes weeks without talking, but when we do we pick up right where we left off. Sometimes I think Kristen knows me better than almost anyone and I'm grateful that we've been friends since we were 15 years old! Love you, Fat! :)

She came over and painted my nails for Cousin's wedding this weekend since I never got around to going to get a mani/pedi {it's still on my 23 things list}.

I'm kind of surprised I let her do it... remember what happened the last time she painted my nails purple?

Memphis 009

It didn't quite turn out so well!

This time she did a much better job. Maybe because we weren't going down the interstate in a dark car?


We only had one slight mishap.



Heading out of town tomorrow for Cousin's wedding! Be back later this weekend. In the meantime I will leave you with this picture of my goofy boyfriend.


I him & he makes me laugh! He's got some pretty good hops too because that bed is like 12ft off the ground!

Have a great weekend!!