i might be a little obsessed with my baby birds.
see, i call them my baby birds now.
i do that sometimes with cute little creatures.
like my "bun-bun."
{the cute little tiny rabbit that lives in the side yard}
anyway, i just think they are so neat.
they change every single day.
i hung out with them today...
they can open their eyes now!

and then they went to sleep.


amazing how much they change in a few short days.

don't worry... i won't keep posting pictures of them every day since we won't be here next week.
i'm sure you all don't think they are nearly as interesting as i do anyway.
i am a little nervous though because i read that baby birds usually fall down to lower branches in the trees before they learn to fly.
and i really hope they don't try to hop/fall out of their nest before they can fly because it's a long way down...
to concrete.
not grass.
i hope the momma bird doesn't let them fall. :(
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