23 hour Tennessee trip

On Saturday Mom and I went to Tennessee for Union's graduation. It was the first time I had been back in a year, which was kind of weird. We weren't even gone for 24 hours.... here's how it broke down:

Hours 1-4: So excited to be on a little girls' road trip!

yay roadtrip!

Hour 5: Things took a turn for the slow. Cruising at a snail's pace... 5mph. I had to pee the entire time, too.


Hour 6: Finally made it to Jackson. 30 minutes late to graduation. Usually it takes 4.5-5 hours to get there. This time it took 6.5.

Hours 7 & 8: Graduation.

graduation is boring
kristen and me
me and goley

Hour 9: Dinner at Moe's.

Hours 10-13: PARTY.

rindi, goley, me, britt
steph and me

Hours 14-18: Sleep.

Hours 19-23: Drive home.

And that was our super short trip to Jackson!

It may have been a super short trip {and spent mostly driving} but it was still good to see my TN girls! I love all of them and wish they lived closer! It's weird for me to think that come August, Rindi will be my only friend who still lives there, and she'll probably be moving soon too. Trips to Jackson will probably never be the same again :o(

Congrats to Kristen for finally graduating after 5 years!! And Goley for getting her Master's Degree!!!