the little things.

i found this quote the other day on a blog i found called notebook doodles. i love all the little thought-provoking quotes scribbled in cute little doodles on that site.

i'm sitting here watching csi:ny with josh... it's 10:15pm and i'm ready for bed.. i am officially getting old. or it could be the headache i have that won't go away and keeps getting worse despite all the drugs i've taken. either way, i probably shouldn't mention that i was in bed and asleep by this time last night. before my mom even. told you... old.

sorry i haven't blogged much this week {to all 3 of my readers}. i've been in a funk for the past few days {i think it's called pms but i'm not sure.} i guess it's just been one of those weeks.

you know the ones.

filled with days like this --
you get up in the morning with a headache. hop in the shower only to find that the water is lukewarm and there is a spider in there... just too high up to reach and kill... but you have to close your eyes to wash out the shampoo and ohmigosh where did that spider go? there's nothing in the fridge for lunch. you cut your finger slicing an apple. hit every red light on the way to work. turn the radio station just as your favorite song is over. long day at work so you don't feel like going to the gym in the evening. then get mad at yourself for being lazy and not going so you eat too many girl scout cookies. then you feel even worse about yourself and go to bed on a sugar high. blahh...
--those kind of days.

so anyway.

i'm tired of letting all that stuff get to me. after all, i have way too much awesome stuff in my life to be bummed out for too long.

ice cream sandwich
like, you know, sharing an ice cream sandwich with my man. we shared it bite by bite... can you tell which side i ate off? the left side. i don't exactly think it's fair that he gets more ice cream just because he has a bigger mouth.... but oh well, i still love him.

24 finale
the 24 series finale on monday... i sure am gonna miss that jack bauer.

pizza night
the biggest loser finale on tuesday.. we made our homemade pizza again. we started a tradition last fall {biggest loser pizza night} and it started off with homemade pizza but then we got lazy and started ordering pizza or getting frozen california pizza kitchen pizza... but we made it on tuesday. pretty good if i do say so myself!

kosmo in the warm
yesterday kosmo asked to go out so i let him out the side garage door as normal and went back to doing whatever i was doing. when he didn't come back in for a little while i went to look for him thinking holy crap i hope i didn't lose josh's dog! little homie just wanted to lay in the sun.... don't we all?

fresh flowers on the table... of course they're dead & gone now, but they made me happy while they lasted.

i just love him and i can't even put it into words. he makes me smile :)

and kosmo's pretty cute too.

just some tidbits from this week... it may have been a little blahhh but it was also pretty beautiful.

i love my life and everyone in it! too blessed to be stressed! :o)

i hope you have a wonderful friday.