may may may

i can't believe may is already over half over.
i guess that's what happens when you're out of the country for the first week of a month.
and then have something going on every weekend for the rest of it.

busy busy busy.

but still fun...

on thursday night ariel invited us out to the improv to see jon reep {& to meet her new boyfriend!}
that dude is hilarious... jon reep, i mean.. not ariel's boyfriend.
although he was a nice guy, too {we approve, ariel!}
but seriously, i laughed the entire time!
afterwards, we all went to howl at the moon.
it's a fun little bar with live music and they take requests.
they played britney spears for ariel... and "baby got back."

follow me to the moon

ariel made me go on stage with her when they sang "baby got back."
they put bumper stickers on our butts when we were up there.
soooo that was fun.

on saturday we went to my brother eric's graduation party!


josh & adam were nearly undefeated at cornhole...losing only one game!

doctor brothers

love my brothers.. and now they are both doctors!
eric {in white} graduated with his PhD last weekend.
so proud! :oD

saturday was also mine & josh's 9th monthiversary! :o)

9th monthiversary

i can't believe it's been 9 months!
then again, i can't believe it's only been 9 months.
thank you for the past 9 months, josh! i love you!

and i think that brings us up to speed for the past few days!
hope everyone had a good weekend!