this morning i ran for the "L" of it...

last week i signed up for the university of louisville's run for the "L" of it 5k.
i did my first road race last october and since then i've done at least one race a month.
so i figured i better keep up the trend as long as i could.
barely squeezed one in for may.
that's pretty much the only reason i signed up for it.
because honestly, now that i've done longer races i kind of don't like 5k's anymore.
they're too fast.


i've done three 5k's before this one and my time has gotten about a minute better at each.
my PR was 30:14 and i wanted so badly to break a 30 minute 5k.
i haven't been training since the half marathon...over a month ago.
i've run maybe 8 times total since then {slacker!} with the longest being 4 miles.
and i ran ZERO last week.
SO... i wasn't really expecting a PR.
i guess mostly i just wanted to see how it would go.
my strategy... well i didn't really have one but i figured i'd just push it and see what happened.

run for the L of it
run for the L of it
i finished my first mile in 8:49.
umm...since when can i run a sub-9 minute mile?!
i've never done that before!!!
i wondered if i'd gas out and regret it later.
but i felt pretty good and was mostly running by feel anyway.
of course, the next 2 miles were a little slower, but that was to be expected.

other than that, the race itself was pretty uneventful..
no roadkill, no poopy pants, no screaming crowds {or random dudes on the side of the road!}...
just me and my music.

the highlights of the race were running into little kosmo twice along the course.
i'm so glad we ended up bringing him.
he's so cute and he loved every minute of it!

run for the L of it
run for the L of it

he loved all the new sights, sounds, and smells.
so excited!
he tried to say hello to everybody that walked by!
including a horse!

run for the L of it

i finally neared the end and wondered if i was going to be able to pull off that PR..
it was pretty close.
it was also pretty hot and i was sweating like a pig!
phew...definitely getting tired.

run for the L of it
run for the L of it

finally saw the finish line and went as fast as i could!

i came in at 29:56!
i was pretty surprised but very happy.
a 20 second PR and barely broke the 30 minutes by 4 seconds :o)
yay me!

run for the L of it
kosmo was proud!

me and erica

i also ran into erica afterwards.
good to see her since we haven't seen each other since the mini!

so anyway. just thought i would share my good news.
hope everyone has a fun & safe memorial day!
our tentative weekend plans include: making homemade ice cream, going to the family farm, having dinner with my mom, & going to the neighbor's house to watch the ufc fight tonight..

little sicky

but little sicky has bronchitis & apparently asthma so he may be glued to the bed all day.
so we'll see what happens.

p.s. he came to my race this morning even though he's sick... so supportive :)

Run for the L of It 5k
May 29, 2010
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 29:56 / 9:35 pace