under the caribbean sea..

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On Monday we went snorkeling.
I've been before and I love it.
Josh had never been before and he loved it too.
I always think it is so neat that you can just stick your head right under the water and see so many different sea creatures right there.

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Plus it always makes me want to sing Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid :o)

Since snorkeling went so well, we decided to sign up for the beginner's scuba class & dive for Tuesday.
Our resort offers one free lesson and one free dive for people who aren't scuba certified.

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I didn't love it quite like I did snorkeling.
I think because it makes me feel a little more trapped and claustrophobic.
Plus I am paranoid about getting water in my mask while I'm under the water because clearing it out is what I have the biggest problem with.
And if I have a problem under the water, I can't just go immediately to the top.
And that freaks me out.
I know I should just relax and enjoy it, but it freaks me out.
It was still awesome though.
Even though I was ready for it to be done when it was.
But we saw a shark.
That was cool.
It was one of the non-aggressive types {a nurse shark, I think?} so I wasn't even scared.
I could have used a wet suit though.
I was freezing the whole time even though the water was 82 degrees.
Oh well, I'm glad I did it and I'd probably do it again.
I don't know if I will ever get certified though.

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