Babies and Birthdays

Phew! This weekend was pretty packed... I didn't even have time to get on the computer at all! Well, I'm sure I had time at some point, but that's the time that I feel that cooking dinner and watching a movie with my B is more appealing (we watched 30 Days of Night and I actually stayed awake the whole time! It was a little more gruesome than I expected). And since that's how I chose to prioritize this weekend, I'm now up to my eyeballs in photos that need editing, e-mails that need returned, a million facebook notifications, etc. And I just looked at my calendar for the next couple of weeks and it is BUSY! But with mostly fun stuff.

Speaking of photos... if you've been following along with my 365 day photo project, I have not updated the website in forever! I don't find it difficult to take a picture every day, but uploading them is a different story! Lately it seems they have only been making it to my flickr photo set.. you can check them out here! I'll get the website up-to-date soon, hopefully!

Anywho... on Friday I went to take pictures of Shelly's kids. We went to a cute little park down by the river that I didn't even know existed. It was a wonderful little place for a photo shoot, except for all of the mosquitoes!

Can I tell you how hard it is to get a good picture of three kids 3 and under? At first I was afraid that all the photos would turn out like this one:


Ian was not having anything to do with having his picture taken! He wasn't scared of me because he'd let me hold him, and he wasn't scared of my camera, he would just scream his little head off anytime we sat him down somewhere. He finally warmed up though and we got a couple decent pictures.

We spent Saturday afternoon partyin' it up, 7 year old boy style.






The wind kept blowing out the candles so we had to move the cake inside.




What party is complete without a pinata and Hulk hands?! I'm taking notes for my 24th birthday bash coming up in a couple weeks... Holy cow... am I really going to be 24?!

I spent Sunday afternoon at a party of the baby shower variety in honor of Josh's sister, Mandy.


It was pink overload, perfect for her little girl due in August!



There was delicious punch, that I could have drank all of, compliments of Josh's momma who gave me her "secret" punch recipe... but not her secret cheesecake brownies recipe, which I still haven't gotten to taste! Hopefully she brings some for my birthday... I hear they are delectable!



We played games...




...and after the very appetizing poopy diaper game, we ate some delicious cake!


...and then Mandy opened all of her gifts... she got so much stuff! (there's a whole table of stuff not pictured!)


I don't think baby Avery will be missing a thing when she enters the world! Can't wait to meet her!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!