The Brutal Barnyard Dash


I was nervous about yesterday's 10k. I hadn't run at all this week, let alone 6 miles at once in a long time. I am pretty sure the farthest I'd run (until yesterday) since the half marathon (which was at the end of April... OMG) was about 4 miles. Plus, after signing up for the race, I heard it was a doozy as far as hills go. And we all know how I feel about hills. Oh, and did I mention it was about 76 degrees and HUMID as all get out at the start of the race and the chance for rain was like 110%?!

So I put on my favorite motivational running shirt and gave myself a little pep talk.


You CAN do it, I told myself. It may totally suck, but only for an hour. You won't die. Pass out, maybe, but not DIE. It's okay to walk and it's okay to not PR. Just get out there and do it and be thankful for the ability to run.

And so we went Huber's. It's such a fun place. That, and the fact that I wanted to keep up my one-race-per-month trend going & have a "big" goal after the half marathon, were the main reasons I signed myself up for the voluntary torture race.

My mom accompanied me like a good little #1 fan. Josh was busy dabbling in his new hobby (photography, for those of you that haven't been around here lately) as a "2nd shooter" for a wedding. It sounds so fancy and professional and cool. So this was my first race that he hasn't been to. Kind of weird. Missed my coach :(

At the start of the race I realized there were NOT very many runners (I heard there were only about 1/4 as many runners as usual.) I could see the start of the runners ahead of me and the end of the runners when I looked behind me, which in my head meant that my chances of coming in last seemed pretty good. Oh dear, my worst fear may finally come true.

So off we went. There were hills immediately into the course and ALL throughout the course. It wasn't like the half marathon or the 10 miler where the hills only lasted for a couple miles and then it was flat again, or the Grand Prix races where there were only a couple rolling hills. This course was brutal!

Less than 2 miles in I actually wondered if I could even finish. I almost wanted to turn around and just go back, but by that point I would have run 4 miles anyway, so what's another 2.25, right?

Then it started raining. The rain really makes no difference to me, although I suppose it might if it had rained for longer than 5 minutes. Either way it was enough to make my shirt soaking wet which wasn't too fun and my socks got a little wet which caused an uncomfortable blister on one of my toes that I got to deal with for the remainder of the race. Oh, and after it stopped raining, the humidity.... oh the humidity!

But I kept trucking along.

The rest of the course is pretty much a blur. I remember walking up hills, being really hot, and watching Gertie slowly count down the miles. At one point the 3 mile walking group met up with our course so I thought, maybe I'll just walk the rest of the course and no one will even know! But then about a mile later their course went off in a different direction because they only had a mile left and we still had 2.25... I was pretty tempted to just take the walking course back. I'd already run 4 miles anyway, I would have been pleased with finishing out just 5 ;-)

hubers 10k

Somehow I finally crossed the finish line... in 1:09:32 according to Gertie. And I didn't come in last!!! :-D

I suppose my time wasn't so bad. My previous (and only other) 10k time was 1:05... so 4 minutes slower, given the conditions, isn't too horrible right?


We stuck around for a little bit waiting on door prizes. I was hoping to win one of their $50 checks, but no such luck.


I did get to meet fellow runners and twitter friends @mudd4goals (who DID win one of the $50 prizes!) and @MikeCampbellCFO though! So that was pretty cool. I always think it's neat how something like Twitter/blogging can introduce you to people you'd otherwise probably never meet.

So overall, it was a fun but killer race. I probably would have enjoyed the course more if I was a little more prepared and if it wasn't so dang humid! I really need to get used to running in this heat!

I'm on the lookout for a July race. There's a 4 mile "off road" race the day after my birthday... could be the winner, although it sounds a little dangerous?!

Barnyard Dash 10k
June 12, 2010

Distance: 6.25 miles
Time: 1:09:32
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