Fisheye Fun

Coolest thing ever... Huey {my computer} is running on Windows 7 thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and his genius ways with computers. Vista was about to drive me crazy because it kept freezing randomly multiple times throughout the day, not to mention that I could make a pitcher of tea, take a shower, do some laundry, and have dinner ready in the time it took to start up. So Josh put Windows 7 {& a new hard drive!} on my computer and transferred all my stuff over for me and I didn't even ask him to! Thanks, Josh... you're the best! :o)

Speaking of being the best... after dinner last night he went outside and came back with some fresh cut flowers {hopefully not out of the neighbor's yard?!} for the vase he made me :)

flowers from B

flowers from B

I think they are so pretty! :)

Okay, I will quit with the whole I have the best boyfriend ever and you don't mushiness...
Even though it's true ;-)

In other news, as you can see {no pun intended} I survived Lasik! It really wasn't bad at all and if I can make it through I am pretty sure anyone can! I am working on a post about the experience which I'll have up soon for anyone who's thinking about possibly getting it done.

Besides the Lasik {which happened on Friday} our weekend was super busy. Perhaps I should have had the surgery on a weekend that I could have just lounged around the house... but oh wait, I don't really ever have those anymore. Plus my next option was July 2nd so that would have been the 4th of July weekend which probably won't be any less busy. But I survived all the events we were to make an appearance at, no make-up and all {Lasik rules}, including a pool party at which I could not go swimming {also Lasik rules}.

Speaking of parties... we went to one yesterday in honor of little Morgan {Josh's niece} who turned 3!

birthday girl


The party started with some delicious birthday cake & ice cream!



And then she opened her presents, not without the help of her big brother who liked to tell her that "It more Tinkerbell stuff," before she even got the chance to open it. :)



And while all of this was going on, us adults entertained ourselves with the fisheye feature on Mandy's {Josh's sister} new camera!



It was quite hilarious!

fish eyefish eyefish eyefish eye

Oh wow, that fisheye feature is great for some laughs! I'm not sure who was acting more like children... us or the the 3 & 4 year olds!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay tuned.. Lasik post coming soon!