it's almost here..


i remember summertime being magical when i was a little kid.

my favorite summertime memories: road trips with my mom to see my favoritest cousin. she was like the sister i never had. we'd go swimming late at night, catch lightning bugs and build forts. one time we had a jumping competition and begged our moms to be the judges, and although they probably didn't want to, they did. i remember when my dad built me the coolest swing set on the block and surprised me with it one afternoon when i got home from school because he wanted me to have a fun summer. i remember going to get ice cream and walking around the neighborhood barefoot and cookouts with neighbors and riding my bike around the block until it was dark. i remember when we'd set off fireworks with our neighbors to celebrate the 4th of july but also to celebrate my birthday (which is 5 days later). i remember playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles and swimming until we were little prunes and going on family trips to the beach.

summer = magic.

but somewhere along the way growing up, summertime lost its magic.

it turned into lazy days at home, taking summer classes, and just another birthday. like last year when my best friend lived with me for the whole summer and we had a whole lot of really awesome things planned. we were going to go to DC, go white water rafting, go to the lake for the 4th of july, have a fun birthday bash for my 23rd, and go to holiday world. among other things.


we never made it to DC or white water rafting. the 4th was rainy and i was sick on my birthday. we made it to holiday world but even that got ruined.

not that it was horrible, it just wasn't what we had planned. plus i met josh so that pretty much cancels out all the bad stuff anyway and makes it my favorite summer ever :)

but this year i am determined to make it a good summer. even if that just means periodically having cookouts with our neighbors like we did last weekend...


i think it's going to be a pretty great summer :)
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