Papa's Day

dad & me

Sometimes looking at pictures of my dad makes me want to kick and scream and have one of those really good cries where you just sob and your whole body shakes uncontrollably... because I miss him. I miss him so much. And then sometimes it simply makes me smile because I remember the good times we had together, I remember his laugh, his jokes, his advice, his hugs, his smell.

I can't believe it will be 10 years this December.

Ten years is a long time not to celebrate Father's Day... so this year I changed that! We celebrated Papa's Day, because goshdarnit Josh is a good papa to the Kosmo and Kosmo wanted to let him know how much he appreciates it!



So we baked him his favorite cake. A carrot cake in the shape of a dog bone (because dog bones are Kosmo's favorite).


And Kosmo even picked out the perfect Father's Day card. (The inside says It's in the yard.)



Happy Papa's Day, Josh! We hope you enjoyed your carrot cake!!!

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