snapshots of a memorial weekend.

I've been trying to figure out how to describe this weekend. We didn't do anything extraordinary, but it was still a wonderful weekend that reminded me of just how great the simple things in life are.

On Friday we had a "tentative" list of things planned for the weekend, but I tend to let schedules and plans run my life if I make them - I worry more about fitting everything in and getting it all done and it takes away the fun of whatever is going on at the moment. I know this about myself, and I'm working on it. So I made the decision on Friday to just let things happen this weekend however they worked out. If we did everything on our "list", great... if not, oh well. I'm slowly but surely learning that as long as I'm around the people I love, everything else falls into place :)

We actually did almost everything we had "planned," except go the farm, so I'd say it was a successful weekend... filled with lovely randomness!


On Friday we went to the Bats Stadium for Josh to meet with his exercise doctor. We were on the way to his office when he called and asked if we could meet him at the stadium. The man is a little, okay maybe a lot, disorganized...but he's nice and he gets the job done.

Or wait, maybe that was on Saturday. Josh's original appointment was Friday at the stadium, but Doc canceled at the last minute and changed it to Saturday. See, I told you he was disorganized.

peace lily

Then we went plant shopping where I realized I am turning into my mother. We picked out a peace lily and the first thing I did was tell it that I would do my best to take good care of it. Then I realized I used to make fun of my mom for talking to her plants...

oh my goodness, what am I turning into?!

My new goal in life is to not kill it... so far, so good!

Saturday morning I ran my best 5K yet and then proceeded to be lazy with Kosmo...


who then proceeded to be lazy with Josh..

lazy boys

Then my recently-graduated best friend stopped by for {a very brief} visit!


She was only here for like 5 seconds, but it was good to see her now that she's finally back in town! Well, before she left town again...

While Kristen and I were visiting, Josh ran to pick up the pottery he made with his mom last weekend while I was in TN.

gifts from B

He made me a vase and a penguin bank! I love them!!! We all know I love penguins, but I'm guessing he made me a vase due to my recent flower obsession.. {sorry about that, Josh}

Now I just have to convince him to get me some pretty flowers to put in it! :o)

That evening we went to the neighbor's house for the UFC fight, which I don't follow at all, but it's fun to hang out with everyone. Plus we chowed down on some Buffalo Wild Wings!

Sunday we had dinner with my mom and Josh dug her a cute little flower bed.

flower bed

strong mr. b

Then my mom showed me all the recent blooms in her flower garden and on her golden rain tree.






And while she did that I spotted the cutest thing occurring in the backyard...

run kosmo run!


goofy boys

kosmo upside down

Goofy boys!

It's amazing how much that little dog trusts Josh... don't let his big eyes fool you! I don't think he minded one bit being upside down.

my boys

me and my boys

The weekend ended on Monday with a delicious grilled dinner {again with mom}, thanks Josh!!...


{complete with homemade ice cream & peach cobbler for dessert!}

...and the boys being silly under the bed!

under the bed's the little things like this... like flowers blooming and grilled dinners with family on warm almost-summer nights and Josh & Kosmo playing together and late nights with friends and sweet handmade gifts from my boyfriend... that all add up to one big thing that just makes me so happy.

I hope you all had a wonderful, memorable Memorial Day weekend.