spicy chicken & big pupils

smile, josh!

just like i am learning more and more that the little things in life are what make it worthwhile, i am also learning not to let the little things get to me. sometimes that's hard to do. doesn't it stink how one little thing can ruin your otherwise good day, if you let it? i think it does. and so now i'm determined not to let that happen. or at least try not to... to make a conscious effort not to. because even though it's cliche, it's true.. we can choose how we react to things, we can choose how we feel, and we can choose to be happy.

i realized this last night when josh had e-mailed me about a photo walk in louisville {it's nationwide though, see if they have one near you!} that was only open to 50 sign-ups. he told me about it when there were only 4 spots left. he went ahead and signed himself up and then by the time i got back from my run and got his e-mail that said he signed up and that there were only 3 spots left now so i better hurry and sign up, i did... i signed up and then when i clicked submit it came back and said sorry, this location is full.

and so i was bummed. my otherwise good day had taken a turn toward a not-so-good evening. i was bummed because i am totally loving photography right now. i have realized that it really is a passion of mine - even if i'm not so great at it and don't know all the technical stuff about it - and i want to do everything i can to develop it into something better. i was bummed because it only took a minute to sign up and i didn't understand how it got full so quickly or why josh didn't just go ahead and sign me up. i was mad at myself for going for a run... if i hadn't, i probably could have signed up in time. and then josh texted me and said he was at the bar with his friend and i thought he was going to be late for our very important chick-fil-a date.

and then i stopped and i asked myself why i was upset. i mean really?
this is totally silly i told myself.
the photo walk is out in public... it's not like they can't let me walk on the street and take pictures too. plus it's free anyway. the only thing i probably can't do is submit my photos in their contest, which honestly i probably wouldn't do anyway.
mad at myself for running? hello?! how in the world can you be mad at yourself for going for a run. every time i run it makes me grateful for the ability to even do it, it makes me confident in myself and happy. i should never ever regret running. duh!
and umm.. josh has never gone out with his friends and not told me.... so i don't know why he would start now. when he said that i thought it was weird because i didn't think he would do that and oh guess what.. he didn't! he was just kidding. {why i'm not sure, but he was..}

and so all of that... those few little things i was going to let ruin my evening. until i thought about it and realized it was silly! those are trivial little things that don't really matter... even if i couldn't do the photo walk or if my run did make me sign up too late or if josh did go out for a drink with his friends... so what? the world won't come to an end and neither should my good day! so there's no use in letting them get the best of me.

so i braided my hair and put on my life is good hat {because it is!} and we went to chick-fil-a because i had an invitation for a free spicy chicken sandwich.



i signed up for it because josh likes spicy things. i knew i wouldn't like it, but free chick-fil-a is always a good deal in my book.

tasting the spicy chicken

the spicy chicken sandwich

sweet tea!

and then on the way out we ran into josh's mom and sister in the parking lot.



and we had a really long discussion about LOST which kind of had me lost because i quit watching it last season. it totally lost me with all that time travel business. and the way they were talking about it, i probably won't even try to catch up... crazy crazy stuff, that show.

so today.

evil mom

my mom is off work this week but today i made her go to work.
i feel very fortunate because her work is offering Lasik for free for one family member of each employee. lucky for me, i'm her favorite daughter so i am the winning family member! i almost feel bad getting it done because i have a small prescription and have only had glasses, that i don't even have to wear all the time, for 2 years... and i feel like someone who's almost blind and has been their whole life should get it done instead. but i'm thankful and i can't wait to have it done minus the whole part about how i absolutely hate people messing with my eyes!

nervous face

you should have seen me today at my pre-op appointment where i had to get my eyes dilated. every time my mom went to put drops in my eyes or take measurements with little pokey things {that didn't really poke you at all or even hurt}, i instinctively closed my eyes and flinched my head. she was basically sitting on top of me prying my eyes open and they were pretty much not opening. she said i was a rare patient because most of them don't do that and if they did she would bop them upside the head... those were her exact words.

so yeah, tomorrow when a laser is pointed at my eye, i hope i don't flinch my head because that could be bad. wish me luck!

this part i could have done all day though!

eye chart

eye exam

eye exam

but after that part of the exam she kept putting those evil drops in my eyes... drops that made me feel like i had been crying all morning. drops that burned my eyes and made everything yellow and were supposed to make my blinking reflex stop but totally didn't. and after all of that she attacked me with more drops and didn't even tell me what they did until after she put some in the first eye and i asked her what these did because i had had enough drops for one day!

dilate your pupils she said.

and it was too late... in just a matter of moments i turned into this:

dilated pupils

holy big freakin' pupils! BLURRY VISION.

so then i finally got to meet with the doctor who checked my dilated eyes with bright lights that hurt and then calmly answered all 82374826437 of my questions and made me feel a little better about have a freakin' laser beam cut into my eyeballs tomorrow. {sorry about the corny austin powers reference}...

and then the coolest part of my day... i forgot my sunglasses {and boy do you need them with dilated pupils!} so i got to wear these awesome shade-thingies with my regular glasses. try not to be jealous...

cool shades

so yep. i'm having some lasik tomorrow. wish me luck!

i think that's a good enough reason to celebrate with an ice cream cake, don't you?

thanks in advance, josh! i love you! ;-)

p.s. here's what i want in case you forget...

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