24 before 25.


i had so much fun with my 23 things list that i wanted to do it again. so... here are 24 things i hope to accomplish before july 9, 2011 aka my 25th birthday! (whoa! hello, mid-twenties, where did you come from?!)
  1. go sky diving. >{07.30.11}
  2. graduate college. {12.03.10}
  3. go horseback riding... preferably on the beach. {12.11.10}
  4. go on a picnic. {07.03.11}
  5. dance with josh. {12.09.10}
  6. give blood. (maybe i'll get it done this time!)
  7. get a birthday calendar and send family birthday cards.
  8. run a half marathon in another state. {12.05.10}
  9. go on a girls trip with cousin (and mom if possible!! and we should make it an annual thing... just saying :))
  10. go to chicago (never been!)
  11. go camping. {07.03.11}
  12. get my office set up and organized.
  13. make s'mores
  14. visit cousin at her house in argos.
  15. run across 2nd street bridge. {09.06.10}
  16. go strawberry picking. (is there even a place to do this around here??)
  17. complete a triathlon. {04.03.11}
  18. see a play. {10.24.10}
  19. go salsa dancing with the gang on sunday.
  20. keep up with my one race per month trend.
  21. start a christmas tradition. {12.19.10}
  22. do more photo shoots for other people.
  23. have a tennessee friends reunion. {05.21.11}
  24. go hiking. {10.30.10}
hopefully i can get them all done! i have nearly a year this time, so maybe i can do a little better than a C average! :)
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