Camp-In Sleepovers & 30th Birthdays

I told you it was birthday month!

My birthday week was immediately followed by Amylyn's (Josh's sister) birthday week and I don't know if she celebrated all week like I did (which she should have!) but I know she at least partied it up on Friday night and Saturday.

We watched her munchkins on Friday night. As in overnight.

After a popsicle-eating, helicopter-twirling, balloon-chasing evening, we built a fort on living room floor and watched Where The Wild Things Are -- which, by the way, is not exactly what I'd consider a great childrens' movie, although Gage and Morgan informed us they had already seen it anyway.


Since we didn't start the movie until 9:30, I expected the kiddos to fall asleep. But they didn't. So we watched the whole movie. Which was over after midnight. Which last time I checked was really late for me... let alone the 3 and 4 year olds.

Needless to say, morning came pretty fast, especially after a night of sleeping tossing and turning on the hardwood floor.

But it was fun!


The remnants of our fort... all 4 of us plus Kosmo slept under there. It was cozy. :)


In the morning, Gage and Morgan danced and played, while Unc made pancakes.


I love his pancake-flipping focused face with the tongue sticking out :-p


He caught it every time!


That afternoon it was party time and we celebrated Amy turning 30!

And Mo Mo ate all the bananas!

banana girl

Seriously, I think she is turning into a little monkey! We started off with 6 bananas in the fruit basket and by the end of the day there were only 2 left.. good thing we got extra bananas this week!


I am loving that July has turned into a month of celebration... of freedom and birthdays and summer and life.

I wish the weather would cool down a little though so I could feel like a runner again. I am pretty sure that by the time it's actually decent enough to run outside again I'm going to have to start from scratch! Okay, not really, but seriously... I can only run about a half mile comfortably right now, and 2 miles seems to be my total limit. But don't worry, running friends, I haven't let it go completely and my next half marathon plan is in the works! So running posts and half marathon training will commence again soon... just wanted to throw that out there since I know some people read/started reading my blog waaay back in the day when I was training for a half marathon and pretended to be a runner ;-)

In the meantime, I am enjoying the last month of summer freedom! I can't wait for what's in store! It should be fun.

Happy Birthday, Amy! I hope it was fabulous! Enjoy your 30's! :)