the ones i didn't do..

(this picture has nothing to do with my list... but i took it yesterday on the way home from josh's parents' house. we told kosmo to sit and apparently he thought in my purse would be a good place to do so....)

after four birthday celebrations, several people have asked me how i did on my 23 things list. several people that i didn't know read my blog, by the way. hello blog stalkers! welcome! feel free to come out of the woodwork and comment once in awhile. i promise i don't bite! :))

the verdict: i accomplished 17 of the 23 things. not bad i suppose.

i didn't...
give blood.
spend a day with my favoritest cousin before she got married.
run or plan a half marathon out of town.
print & organize 2009 & 2010 pictures.
start a 2010 scrapbook.
or get my nails done professionally.

in all fairness, i have excuses reasons for not completing all of these. and normally i probably wouldn't try to make excuses for things, but this is my blog so i can do what i want ;-) besides, i'm not making excuses, i just feel you guys deserve an explanation for why those things didn't get accomplished :) or something like that...

okay, i really have no excuse for not giving blood other than i just never got around to and that i was scared. i still plan on doing it though. some day...

my girls' day with cousin was planned, but it got snowed out.

we are still talking about tentative marathons & half marathons for this coming fall/winter, just haven't set anything in stone. plus it's kind of hard to think about running another half marathon when i can barely run 3 miles right now, it's just so hot and humid! but right now the major possibilities include: vegas (december), philly (september), and akron (september). personally i'm rooting for vegas because it gives me the most time to train for it and i just think it would be totally awesome since i've never been there, but we'll see....

as far as pictures and scrapbooking go... i go back and forth with wanting to scrapbook. it's time consuming and expensive, but it is fun and i think, worth it, once it's done. i think it will be easier to do once i get the craft room all set up and have everything in one place. and find a printing company that i am totally satisfied with. does anyone have any suggestions? i like to edit my photos, and while they look good to me on my computer, it seems like once i have them printed out they don't look as good.

aaaand last but not least, i was going to get my nails done on friday before my party but since i ended up having to work, the afternoon just kind of got away from me.

so that's that.

having this little list was fun! it helped me to be more intentional with my goals, even if they were mostly small and seemingly insignificant. and it was fun to cross things off and feel accomplished even if all i accomplished was going for a walk in the rain, trying a new recipe or taking pictures in a photo booth. (although i did cross off some major goals like running a half marathon and completing the triple crown!!! sometimes i still can't believe i did that. or that i want to do it again.)

and yes, i'll be back with a 24 things list. it's currently in the works :)

p.s. keep scrolling down if you missed the birthday post.
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