sometimes when there's nothing to cook for dinner we get out all the ingredients & leftovers from the fridge and have a smorgasbord of food for dinner instead and clean out the fridge in the process.

well, i'm cleaning out the fridge here on the blog with a few leftovers that haven't been posted about yet.

first of all, for everyone who was asking, this is the photo that ended up winning the jamaica photo contest:


and we're planning on taking our free trip in december and i'm hoping that the trip to the nice warm, tropical caribbean in the middle of winter will keep that freezing cold, wintery funk away.

(the photo was also used in their july newsletter.. pretty cool!)

in other news, now i'm going to tell you about the time i fell down and went boom.

i had a syncoptic episode on monday night for the first time in my life AKA i fainted. it was the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. or at least that's happened to me this week. i've never experienced anything like it before. i took a shower after i got home from the gym and as i was getting out i started to feel dizzy (this happens to me somewhat frequently.. usually after i've been sitting or laying down for awhile and I get up too quickly) so i didn't think anything of it. and then apparently i blacked out for a moment and i don't remember anything until i hit the the shower door/floor like a ton of bricks! i got a pretty cool battle wound from it:

fall down go boom

i have named him Gnarly.

so anyway. it hurt like H-E-double-hockey-sticks. it's mostly the huge bruise underneath that hurts though since i landed pretty much right on my shins. my other leg made it out unscathed except for a huge knot and bruise.

dr. josh took good care of me and cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol immediately even though i told him it was already clean since i was getting out of the shower. duh. then he put New Skin on it... which made me wince in pain and whine like a toddler.. he's a saint for putting up with me :-D

Gnarly made my 5:30am weight training the next morning a little difficult, but i made it through. and we also saw this on the side of the house on the way to the gym:


what the heck is that thing... besides freaky lookin'?!? josh named her Mothra.

and i just realized we have a weird tendency to name ev-er-y-thing.

moving on.

speaking of moving.


kristen moved back to tennessee this week, although this time it's a little more permanent, as she has gotten a big girl job there and isn't just moving for school this time! i was not-so-secretly rooting for her to get a job locally so I could have my best friend back, but i'm super excited for her especially since teaching jobs are so hard to come by lately. congrats, kristen.. but we will miss you! :O(

(i was gonna write a long sappy post about how we've been best friends since we were 15 and blah blah and when in the world did we get old enough to graduate from college have real jobs?! when we first met our biggest problems were our pimples & braces and how we were gonna pass calculus class. but anyway, i didn't -- but i love you kristen, even though we didn't get to hang out much this summer and you are moving back to tennessee. i'll keep a look out for a teaching job here for ya ;-))

oh, i forgot to tell you all what a handyman josh is.

i found this shelf at lowe's that i decided i liked so i snapped a picture of it on my phone and sent it to him to see if he liked it too. he said he did, but he said, "if that's what you like, i can make that!"

keep in mind, this was on like the wednesday before my birthday, which was on a friday. so, i didn't wanna burst his little macho man i-want-to-do-it-myself bubble, but i kind of wanted it done before my birthday party, which you know, was why i was waiting until the last minute to find something.

and he replied, "i could have it done by then!"

"could you have two of them done by then?"

well, he had 3 of them done by then...

handy man195/365

3 homemade shelves. i love them! and they are even better quality than the ones from lowes :)

and as you can see i finally put a picture in my shadow box!

shadow box

eventually we're gonna hang all of our shadow boxes on the wall above the shelves.

and other than that, we've just been enjoying the little things on these 100+ degrees days... like central air conditioning, ice cold water, and my baby boy..


who i get all to myself for the next few days since my mom is outta town!

hope everyone is stayin' cool!