'tis the season...

...for birthdays! (apparently) and apparently birthdays = christmas because all week josh has been telling me that my "christmas present" has arrived.

happy july!
holy cow, i can't believe it's july. where is the year going?!

this week has been busy and i've gone out in the evenings much more than usual which has been a nice little change of scenery. on tuesday we went out for sushi for our friend elise's 25th birthday.

totally forgot my camera, but stole these from facebook. thanks, elise!


wow, i need a tan!

rock ice cream

we had "rock ice cream" (that's what i like to call it) just like we did in philadelphia. everyone else thought it was weird, but since we've had it before i knew what to expect. (it's kind of rubbery... a weird consistency for ice cream, but hey it's still ice cream so you know i will eat it!)

josh & me

my hair got on my nerves so ariel pinned it back for me with her purple hair clip. thanks, ariel! i think it goes lovely with my outfit!

on wednesday i went out with josh's mom and sisters to derby dinner for a girls' night! we saw the dixie swim club... it was hilarious! i had so much fun! (and ate waaaay too much!)


girls night

it wasn't for anyone's birthday but mine and amy's are both coming up in the next 2 weeks!

i didn't bring my camera because i didn't know if photography was allowed or not, but luckily my new phone has an 8 megapixel camera. not as good quality as the DSLR, but i'm glad to have it to capture memories when the other camera isn't around.

in related news, i've jumped off the blackberry bandwagon and am now the owner of an android. the htc evo to be exact. it does way more than i'm used to and i'm still getting used to the touchscreen. texting on it is a little weird.. haha. i like it though!

back to birthdays, yesterday was my brother eric's 33rd!

groom & me

happy birthday, brother! i love you and i hope your birthday was awesome!!! (photo from his wedding last july...)

and i think that brings us all up to speed with this week. i can't believe my birthday is in a week! that means i have just 7 days to complete all the things on my 23 things list... which means i have to give blood! yikes! we'll see if that happens... it may, thanks to erica who has calmed my fears a little bit with her recent blog post. but i need someone to go with me!! any brave and willing souls?? you know you want to! ;-)