being sick is kind of lame.

sorry for the lack of updates recently.
i'm not even sure what to say right now.
probably because i haven't been able to talk for the past 48 hours.
i don't have strep though, so that's good. but i have no idea what it is.
it started as a scratchy throat, so i just thought it was allergies... until it progressed into an all out sore throat complete with loss of voice.

do you know what my favorite part about being sick is?
i can't do anything.
okay, actually that's my least favorite part.
and it seems like when i can't clean, no one else will do it for me.


actually, these photos were taken last week before i was sick.
so i cleaned up this mess on friday...
and he's already started another one.
it's all over the whole house.
kosmo thanks you for these stuffed toys, aunt mandy. ;-)

so that was pretty much my weekend.
stuck in bed with cough drops, water, and a sore throat.

i did manage to make it out of bed for a few hours to attend kate the great's 1st birthday bash.


(her mommy works with my mommy and also went to high school with josh.. crazy!)
it sure was a happenin' party!

so anyway. sorry this post is kind of lame.
that's what happens with you're sick.
being sick is kind of lame.
but lots of exciting stuff coming up soon, i promise!

until then i am going to hang out here on the couch and watch some more tv.
hey, at least i've been able to move out of the bedroom! that's a step in the right direction.
be back soon!

happy monday!