The Fiesta Fun Run was FUN!

On Saturday I ran the Fiesta Fun Run which was 3 miles. I was originally going to do an 8K race, which I was pretty excited about because I've never run an 8K before and with half marathon training starting up again, I thought the longer distance (even though I think it's still less than 5 miles) would be good for me. But my friend Jenn -- who I knew in elementary school & then we lost contact for like 12 years until Facebook recently re-connected us. Yay Facebook! -- just started running and wanted to sign up for it. So we did.

I'm glad I ended up doing the fun run instead of the 8K, especially since Saturday was SO busy! I was exhausted by the time the race started (9pm) so an 8K probably wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.


Erica, me, & Jenn. So glad we all ended up running it!

Erica & I ended up running the whole thing together. It was hot, humid, & hilly -- which are typically my least favorite race conditions -- but we made it through the whole thing, even the killer hills! I think since it was dark that helped me get through the hills because even though I've run that loop several times before, I couldn't really see them. Or it could have just been the excitement of a night race. Personally I think more races should be at night, it was super fun!


Our time was right around 32 minutes... which for 3 miles is a little slower than I would have liked, but I tried to start off slower since it was Jenn's first race and then factoring in the hills and the humidity, I think we did great! Plus it was a fun run so I wasn't really running for time anyway! (Am I ever??) Jenn finished in around 34 minutes which is a great time for her first race! (and the fact that she's only been training for a few weeks and is only used to running a half mile straight so far. She did awesome!)

After the race, we all met up at Qdoba... they sponsored the race and gave us free chips & salsa.


Me & Sheri.. one of my super fast running friends who's done like 12 marathons this year (ok, not really but she's done 4 or 5 I think) and her husband came in 2nd in the run.

We ended up hanging out until almost midnight... it was so much fun to just hang out with everyone. My friends and Josh's friends... talking about everything from running and races to photography and everything else. And Crystal and I decided we're going to do a triathlon. At some point. We just need a pool to practice in and some bikes. Considering swimming and biking are 2/3 of a triathlon, we should probably get on that.

Good times.

Fiesta Fun Run 3 Miler
August 21, 2010

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 32:??
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