The Grand Slam


In some ways I feel like these race reports are all turning into the same thing: I showed up somewhere early, ran a few miles with a bunch of people, then went home.

Which, I guess is essentially what races are.

Most of them are just 3-5 miles, nothing overly exciting but there must be some reason I continue to shell out the $20-ish each month to show up somewhere early and run a few miles with a bunch of people.

I'm not sure what it is. It keeps me motivated. I'm still continually amazed at my own progress as a runner -- 10 months after starting on this journey -- even if I'm not super fast and did run that 4 mile race this weekend at the same pace I ran the half marathon. I know I say it all the time but this whole running thing has been so amazing for me. I never thought I could be a runner, and now here I am, I finally stuck with something that's challenging and yet so incredibly rewarding. Ten months ago I ran my first 5k and a half marathon was a very distant goal... and now, I'm two weeks out from starting to train for my 2nd one.

It's amazing what your body is capable of. I'm so thankful for this... for the ability to run, for the friends I've made through it, for the accomplishment it brings me, and for what I've learned about myself. I hope I never forget where I started.

Okay, enough sap. It's not like running is my boyfriend. Here's another boring race report.

I woke up early Saturday morning, crossed the river, and ran 4 miles with a bunch of people.


I actually ran with Erica. It was also her birthday! She's a better person than me for running a race on her birthday. I'm pretty sure all I did on my birthday was eat ice cream cake.

The weather all week was HOT & HUMID so my expectations for Saturday were the same. Luckily my plea to the weather gods must have worked because the temperature was around 70 degrees and definitely not humid :)

Even though the weather was under control, I was still totally unsure of how the race was going to go considering I still haven't been running any more than 3 miles at a time or on a real regular basis.

The course was pretty boring - 2 miles out then turn around and come back. Erica and I ran the first 2 miles at a good, consistent pace but around mile 2.5 we stopped and walked for a few seconds. My sense of smell is heightened when I run and the slightest smell can make me feel nauseated. Apparently there were horses around and it sure smelled like it... or their waste rather! We ended up walking longer than we needed to because we started talking and catching up. Oops!


So we lost a bit of time, but still came in around 44 minutes. Over all, I thought it was a good run and I'm happy to know that at least I haven't been lazy enough to have to totally start back at square one :)


I promise more exciting running stuff will be coming up soon and you might actually believe me if I tell you I'm a runner again! I'm planning to start training for my next half marathon around August 16th! CAN'T WAIT.

Grand Slam 4 Miler
July 31, 2010

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 44:19
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