half marathon (round 2) & other happenings...

school starts next week.
i'm not really dreading it. i love my professor (she teaches all 3 of my classes) plus it's my last semester, but it does mean i will have significantly less free time.

and call me crazy, but i'm going to start training for my 2nd half marathon tomorrow!!! yes, i am really going to do it again. i'm pretty excited about that too, minus the heat and humidity that i'll be running in for who knows how much longer.

this is my goal...


i haven't signed up yet because i'm a procrastinator, but that's the goal. hopefully it'll pan out. anyway, it's on december 5th, which i am pretty much stoked about because that means training will be mostly in the comfortable fall months (if fall ever gets here), as opposed to the nasty winter months that i trained for my last half marathon in.

plus i've never been to vegas, so i think it would just be fabulous.

i am hoping to be a little more intentional with my nutrition this time around too. not that i really know anything about what exactly a runner needs to eat... but i wish i did. so if anyone has any tips let me know. i don't think i do too bad, but i would like to do excellent. or at least better.

i am planning to incorporate weight training into my workouts this go around as well. last time my schedule didn't really allow for it unless i got my butt out of bed at 4:45 to go to the 5:30am class... and we saw how well that worked out. but this time my schedule is going to be nice and let me go at 9am which is much better. so weight training, plus some core training, spin classes, and then of course running... will be my workouts 5-6 days a week for the next 16 weeks. HERE WE GO!!!

oh, i have signed up for the dailymile to keep track of my training. i figured that would be easier to update as i go instead of trying to remember everything for a post here once a week. i'm sure i'll still write about some of it here, but if you want to follow along with my training be my friend on the dailymile! :)

moving on..

yesterday (the 15th) was mine and josh's actual 1st anniversary.. or as i like to say, 12th monthiversary. i'm wondering if now that we've reached a year if that means i have to stop celebrating our "monthiversaries?" i mean we can have a 13th, 14th, 15th monthiversary... right? because i totally think we should.


speaking of that.. for our anniversary, josh got to go to costa rica!!! where, by the way, the high today is a wonderful 76 degrees and i'm stuck here in the hot as a mug mid-west. jealous. i'm not even sure how that works since he's down there by the equator and yet it's cooler there? but he had to go for work and wasn't very excited about it... even though i've seen pictures from his last "work-related" costa rica trip and they included zip-lining through the jungle and surfing. hmmm... ;-)

but... i miss him. i know i see him every single day for like hours at a time and most of the time we don't do anything super exciting.. just cook and eat and watch tv. and maybe take the dogs for a walk. but it's the simple things in life like that that i love... and miss when they're gone for a bit. good thing he'll be back on wednesday :)


come home soon, joshie poo! the kosmo and i miss you! :) and bring some of that perfect weather with you!

alright.. this post is getting long and random, so i'm off to do something productive! hope everyone is having a great monday!