On Friday Josh took the day off because I had a little procedure done in the morning. My plan was to be lazy the rest of the day (doctor's orders) and lay around and watch movies and eat popcorn and ice cream.

However... things never go as planned. Instead, we drove all the way down to Shelbyville (about an hour away) and adopted this handsome little big fellow.


He's a 70 pound Boxer mixed with something that I've never heard of, but I think it's basically a pit bull. This freaked out both of our mothers, but rest assured, he's just a big baby who wants to be loved. He and Kosmo play great together and we've only heard him bark once... at the lake when he was really excited and wanted to go swimming.

Oh, we have named him Rudi.

Josh had seen him online ( and had driven down there one night last week to meet him. When he got there, they told him that he was just adopted. So he met a few of the other dogs that were there but wasn't totally sold on them. Then Friday, we were down in Shelbyville anyway to pay a speeding ticket so while we were there Josh wanted me to meet the other dogs he had met just to see what I thought. We saw that Rudi was still there, so we asked about him. Turns out, he wasn't adopted, he was going to be sent to New York to a foster home. So long story short, we adopted him, saved him from going to New York, and almost never even got the chance to meet him.

He fits in so great with the family.


Saturday we took Rudi on his first trip to the family farm... and I'm not sure, but I think he and Kosmo had a great time.


Even when sweet little Kosmo got thrown into the lake. Little buddy has improved on his swimming skills so much since the beginning of the summer! Now when we throw him a stick, he gets it himself and even gets so excited before going swimming!


He's come such a long way since the days when he'd wait for Jake to get the stick and then take it from him.

rudi and kosmo

It was a fun day of swimming, four-wheeling, gathering fire wood with tiny lizards on it, and just enjoying some end-of-summer sun.

And at the end of the day we had two very tired, very happy dogs.


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I'm gearing up for another busy week! Here we go...