sometimes life moves faster than i can blog.

i am pretty sure i blinked and a week has gone by!

i picked josh up from the airport last wednesday night -- which was much more difficult than it should have been.
i've been to the airport a gazillion times but somehow i just passed that exit right on up.
and then, since me + driving in louisville don't get along too well (especially when it's passed my bedtime) it turned into a big fiasco that resulted in driving way out of the way, a few frustrated phone calls, and a few left turns (thanks, josh! ;-))
but luckily, my B and i made it home safely, and didn't kill each other in the process! :)


on thursday we went to the hospital to officially meet baby avery for the first time!




us and baby



then we came home and played with little our baby -- kosmo!




he ran around like crazy in the basement until he was totally tuckered out.


on friday after i went to the gym i had lunch with josh.
i had plans of showering after the gym and actually getting dressed before said lunch date.
but josh left his sunglasses at the hospital the previous night so i had to go pick them up before mandy & joe went home.
then he also needed me to run by the house to pick up his laptop and bring it to him.
all of this = no shower for me.


i had originally picked subway but then spaghetti sounded good.
so spaghetti it was!
p.s. i love the spaghetti shop's garlic bread.
best ever.

then i got to be a visitor at josh's work.
i got an official badge and everything!


of course, my little badge didn't magically open doors like josh's does.

he gave me a tour of the whole place.
he's given me a tour before, but it was on a weekend when no one was working.
usually when people ask me what josh does, i don't really know what to tell them.
it all kind of just goes right over my head because i have no idea what any of it means.
but it makes a little more sense to me now that i've seen it in action.
it's actually pretty cool (not that i ever doubted....)

and of course, he was introducing me to all of these people... and i hadn't even showered.
and i wasn't wearing make-up.
and my hair was in a messy bun on the top of my head.
and i may have smelled a little funny.
i guess it's good that he doesn't mind introducing me to people (even one for "girlfriend approval") even when i haven't showered?


saturday we woke up early (5:30am early) and drove 2.5 hours round trip for an engagement photo shoot.


i'll post more of these photos on the photography blog soon! i was really happy with how they turned out though, especially considering it kept raining on us!!

after we got back saturday afternoon, we went to petsmart to look at the dogs up for adoption. there was one we had seen on that was supposed to be at petsmart on saturday. she wasn't there, but we arranged to meet her on sunday and while we were at petsmart we got to take some pictures of the dogs for their website!


of course, i loved all the doggies and wanted to bring them all home! i just hope they all get a good home.

saturday night i ran the fiesta fun run (3 miles) -- it was a great time!! i will post the re-cap soon!


sunday.... we did a newborn photo shoot with baby avery!


and oh my goodness she was so cute! so so so cute.
i can't pick a favorite of all the photos we took! (although, i do really like that last one)
i'll post more on the photo blog soon.
mandy & joe -- THANK YOU for letting me photograph your baby. i love love love her :)


and then, with a million photos to edit and school starting... time has just gotten away from me.
busy busy busy... but i love it.
for the most part :)
(not really the school part.. but yay for it being my last semester!)

alright... i am going to update the photo blog so people (AKA my mom) can quit asking me where all the photos are! ;-)

happy wednesday!