Today is my favorite day.

I saw a quote somewhere the other day that simply said... Today is my favorite day.

So today... I am thankful for the sub-70 degree weather we had this morning and the opportunity to get in a morning run... even though as my first training run of this go-round, it was much more difficult than I was anticipating. But at least I did it. And the sun was shining. And the birds were chirping. And there was morning dew on the grass. And somehow while I was struggling to keep at the 8:40 pace... it was beautiful. It was new beginning... a new day... a new training season... almost a new semester. All filled with lots of new opportunities.

Today I am thankful for my mom and our relationship and how even though she's my mom, she's also my best friend. And we can have girls' nights which consist of pizza and pedicures and late-night chit-chat about everything and nothing.


We made a pizza and she stuck it in the oven and then left..."just real quick." She informed me that the pizza would be done at "about nine after..." so I should take it out around then and she'd be back right after that.

I should not be left alone with things in the oven if a timer is not set. A timer never went off (because she didn't set one) and I didn't remember the pizza until about fourteen after. Oops. I didn't burn the pizza (or the house down, don't worry Josh!) but I did almost totally forget about it.

Luckily, it actually tasted quite delicious! Guess those extra 5 minutes were actually beneficial.

After pizza it was time for pedicures.

We used this nail polish which I like to call candy apple red. Apparently it's really called Big Apple Red Creme, but whatever. I used to not be much of one for red nail polish, but lately I am lovin' it.


I am also lovin' these adorable little nail stickers we found!

I've still never had a professional pedicure (or manicure for that matter) but that's probably because when someone touches my feet, it sends me into a fit of laughter. Especially when they tell me to hold still! If you look closely, you can see little smudges that may or may not have been caused by uncontrollable laughing.

Today is my favorite day.
Today... all day at work I was chomping at the bit to leave. Which doesn't happen very often considering my job is to take care of this little bit:


However, today was no ordinary day because today, as soon as I left her house, I went straight to the hospital because Mandy was finally going to have Avery!

Today is my favorite day.
Today we welcomed new life.



I met up with Josh's family and we kept Mandy company for a little while until the doctor decided they were going to do a c-section. So we hugged Mandy goodbye and were sent to the waiting room where we all waited anxiously for Joe to come out with the baby.

The room was filled people who couldn't wait to meet this little baby who was already so, so loved. There were parents who were waiting to be grandparents and grandparents waiting to be great-grandparents and sisters waiting to be aunts. Cousins who were there for support and a little niece and nephew who were beyond excited to meet their very first cousin -- "Baby Avawy."



Finally after a few false alarms of nurses just walking by with wheelchairs, Joe finally came up to introduce us all to baby Avery!


We had about 5 minutes to ooooh and awww before the nurse took her to get weighed and measured in the nursery.

She was 7lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long! And just perfect and beautiful.


So we followed them down to the nursery and did some more ooohing and awwing as she wiggled around and yawned and was just so cute in all her newborn babiness. And Joe was such a proud daddy. And he had a conversation with her that we couldn't hear through the glass window, but how cool to see a new daddy just spend time with his brand new daughter. Such a precious moment.

And Gage asked questions like why is her tummy going up and down? and when is that machine going to show us her bones? I guess he thought it was an x-ray machine... so funny!


And even though Mo Mo had previously been scared of Mandy's big belly because she was afraid baby Avery was going to come out and get her, she decided that now that she was out, she really liked her.

There's something about welcoming new life into the world that is just...awesome. I love love love new babies. They are beautiful and perfect and it's amazing to me how one minute they are inside their mommy and the next they are out in the world.

Congratulations, Mandy and Joe! She is beautiful. I can't wait to get my hands (& camera) on her this weekend!!! :-D
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