#15 and other stuff.

so i was informed by mr.b that i left out a few things from my last post.

first of all, i forgot to inform all of my lovely blog readers that josh not only took me on a dinner & movie date night, but he also treated me to a wonderful massage on monday. it is true, he did. it was incredibly relaxing and wonderful... thank you, josh! :) oh, and he also ordered me 2 new pairs of my favorite flip flops because rudi ate one of them. he is so good to me.

on monday morning i also crossed off the first thing from my 24 things list.
# 15 run across 2nd street bridge.


i finally got to run across the bridge! josh ran with me... across the bridge and down around the waterfront. i loved running over there and i think i'll definitely make it one of my regular routes! running across the bridge offered a nice breeze, and it was also nice because they had it closed down for a bike race (which you can kind of see behind me to the left.)

annnd... remember my little birdie's nest from spring? well, we never took it down and now a little dove has nested in it! the dove is much more brave than the robin was though.. the robin would fly away if you got close to the window (allowing you to see the eggs and then the baby birds) but the dove doesn't! instead, she just stares at you with her big eye..


even if you knock on the window or open it!

apparently she left momentarily and josh saw 2 eggs, and at least one has hatched because the shell is in the driveway. i have yet to see the babies though! hopefully soon.

happy hump day! :)
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